Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Cody Young


Cody Young, 21
Hemet, CA
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Many southern California kids these days grow up in families that ride or race motocross, and often it is a sport enjoyed together as a family, but when born into a family in which the father is a professional racer at the top of the game, it is almost a given that the children are going to be a part of the sport early on.  Cody Young was one of these kids, the son of Chris Young of Suzuki fame, is following in his father’s footsteps as closely as he can, including racing a Suzuki.  Cody will be making a big move to the national level in a matter of days as he makes preparations for his first foray into the AMA outdoor series. 
How did you get started racing?
My dad, Chris Young, raced professionally for Suzuki and raced pretty much his whole life since he was a little kid.  Then I came along in ’91 and he retired in 95 to raise me and my little brother Cole.  I pretty much grew up on a bike and at the track with my dad riding around on my little electric quad.  I was pretty much born around the races.  For me, I’ve been riding most of my whole life and I started racing when I was 8.
Why do you race?
For a while I just raced because I liked it and it was fun while my dad was racing the vet stuff and then about 3 or 4 years ago I decided to get serious about it and I started winning races in the Novice class 4-5 years ago.  I got a taste of victory and it really just lit me up.  I got close to a couple of championships and that was when I decided to start training.  I was road biking and running almost every day of the week, riding 3 days a week and doing my own thing.  Then I started working with Alan Gerke, MX Trainer, for a couple years and he helped me out a lot.  Now I am training with Charles Dao at Icon Sports Alliance and I have my program I am working with and doing what I love. 
What do you planned for the future?
In a couple weeks we are going to Hangtown, that will be my first outdoor national.  I’m not running number 911 though, they gave me 925, so I will be running that for the rest of the year.  Hopefully for supercross 911 will open back up.  We’re going to try to do Hangtown, Texas, Colorado, Washougal and Lake Elsinore.  Then we will go to supercross next year.