Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Dean Porter

Dean Porter, 26
Shoalwater, Western Australia
Sponsors: Full Force CarsRUs, Savannah Engineering
Dean Porter came out to the Transworld Race Series for the third race of the year to take in some of the Southern California racing.  Porter came out to Glen Helen under the radar, riding a stock Honda with only a hand marked X on the number plates.  Once out on the track, the rather plain looking Honda made a statement as the Australian rider took home an overall victory in the Pro Open class as well as a second overall in the 450 Pro Class.  Dean is no stranger to the pro class as a regular in the Australian National scene, so we stopped by Dean’s pit to see what brought him to the TWMXRS race.
What brings you to Southern California?
I came over here for a month of riding.  I really wanted to watch some supercross as well, I really love that.  But mainly the tracks over here are so much better than what we have back at home.  It’s a big year with the nationals back home, so I just want to come over here and try to pick up some speed to give myself the best chance and learn some things.
What is your plan for 2013?
I’ll fly back home at the end of February, hopefully I’ll be a bit faster when I get home.  Once I get home, the nationals start there April 14 for the first race, then pretty much race all that nationals there.
Do you want to come over here to race the nationals or supercross?
I did that back in 2011, I saved up some money and did the outdoor nationals here.  It was the best experience ever and that’s what made me want to come back.  That year made me learn so much!
How did you get started racing?
It was just my dad back in the day.  He used to race and wasn’t a bad rider himself.  He started me off on a little 50.  Then I got a 65 and I actually got a little scared when I got on that.  I took a year off to play football and then came back on an 80 and been going ever since.
Why did you quit football and come back to motocross?  What’s the difference?
It’s just way more fun!  I had the choice when I was about 12, I could go either direction, football or motocross, and I chose motocross.
What else do you do besides motocross?
This is the first year I’ve actually been able to ride full time.  Usually I am a bricklayer and build houses back home. 
How different is the motocross scene in Australia compared to here?
It is a little lower level but the field is getting real strong.  Ben Townley is racing over there now, the Moss brothers are back and Billy MacKenzie from Europe and guys like that.  I guess since the companies are a lot smaller there isn’t as much of a crowd that goes to watch.  It’s getting bigger and bigger and hopefully it gets to the level it is here.