Desiree Rey, 14
Victorville, CA
Sponsors:  Matrix, Cycle Gear, Mom, Dad, Donna.  Dad is a big help, he pushes me to my limits.  Dan and Donna, my neighbors Joe and Shelly and friends and family that come out and support me.
As we were watching the races at some of the recent rounds of the Muscle Milk Transworld series, we noticed a rider in the the 85/150F Intro Beginner class all adorned in pink gear among the more normal colors of the boys’ classes.  The Honda 150F rider was giving many of the boys in the class a run for their money and holding her own as they made charges to try to get past her.  Looking up her past results, she has progressed forward in the pack with her results and shown improvement over the past months.  Slowly there are more and more girls entering motocross at early ages as they see the WMA Professionals on the national tracks serving as an inspiration in a sport they can compete in.  Seeing this girl not back down against the aggressive boys caught our eye so we thought we would sit down and get to know her thoughts racing the boys.
How long have you been riding?
Just since August of last year.
How did you get started?
Two years ago I got a 70 and just putted around the house and a couple people told me I have a natural talent so I came out and started racing and it is real fun.
What did everyone think when you started racing?
They thought I could become pro one day because they could see it in me and I can kind of see it in myself.  They are just there helping me, pushing me and giving me support.
What do your friends think?
My friends think I am crazy because I get on a dirt bike and race with these guys.  But it is real fun.
What drive you to race?
What’s driving me right now is showing these boys that I can beat them and it makes me a strong person by going out and racing against a different gender than myself.
Do you like racing against the boys more than the girls?
I like racing against the boys because they give me an extra push when I race.
What would you like to do in the future?
My future plan is to keeping racing in the Transworld Series and see what I get from here.  Someday I’d like to go pro if I get out of these series.
So you sister says she taught you how to ride, is that true?
That is not true, I taught HER how to ride.  She’s not telling the truth!