Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Ikua Hughes

Ikua Hughes, 19
Porterville, CA
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Often times at the races certain riders stand out with their smooth clean riding who make riding fast look easy.  Ikua Hughes showed up to the Perris MX round of the Transworld Race Series and caught our eye as he competed in the 450 Intermediate class.  The Central California rider opened his day with a strong ride to 4th in his first moto of the day.


Do you come down to Southern California to race often?
I try to as much as I can, but it is kind of hard sometimes.
Is this your first Transworld Series race?
Yeah, it is.
What do you think of it?
So far is has been good.  Practice ran a little long but it is a good day.
What tracks do you normally ride up in your area?
There’s a local one, Porterville OHV Park, there is Tulare Cycle Park, Hanford and a couple private tracks I go to.
How do the race series up there compare to the Transworld Series?
There’s no comparison at all.  There’s not really no racing there unless you go up north.

How has your year in racing been so far?
It was going good, I came out of Mammoth with not really what I expected, got a couple top sevens up there.  I was planning going to Loretta’s but I couldn’t get the money together for that.  Actually went to Vurb Classic up at Oatfield and got hurt so I’ve only been back on the bike for about 2 weeks.
How long have you been riding?
Since I was 3, so almost 17 years.
What else do you do besides moto?
Anything that’s fun, snowboard, wakeboard, just pretty much anything.
What do you do for training?
I ride my road bike and this week or next I am starting with my trainer in the gym.
What are your plans for next year?
I think we are going to run intermediate class and do a couple of the nationals.  Maybe try and go pro mid-year, not quite sure yet, I’m talking with my dad about it.