Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Justin Hoeft

Justin Hoeft, 15
Castaic, CA
Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda, Red Bull, Oakley, PPG, Dunlop
The new year at the Transworld Race Series found freshly signed Troy Lee Designs amateur program rider Justin Hoeft hit the first round of the Winter Cup.   Hoeft is a recent graduate from the 85cc ranks and has made his mark on the amateur national scene that includes two titles at Loretta Lynn’s last year.  Now on a 250 in the Intermediate class, he is already making his mark in the class with a smooth style that camouflages the true speed he rides.  In spite of race long battles during this round, Hoeft showed patience and calculation as he kept the racing clean but capitalized on mistakes by other riders to get through for the win. 
How long have you been riding?
I’ve been riding since I was about 4 years old. 
How did you get started riding?
My cousins raced and my dad raced so it just kind of came in the blood. 
What have your major accomplishments been so far in racing?
Winning Loretta’s meant the most to me and helped me out a lot with Troy Lee Designs.  I won 85 Stock and 85 Mod, 14-16.
How long have you been riding on the Troy Lee Designs Amateur program?
I’ve been riding since about September and I’ve just been getting used to the bike, doing some testing to get ready and starting racing now. 
What are your plans forward with the Troy Lee Designs ride and your amateur career?
I’m planning on riding 250 Intermediate and Schoolboy this year.  We will see how I do in that, then hopefully in a couple years I get to go to Supercross and motocross.
What do you do for training?
I ride a lot of bicycle, I road bike and mountain bike, and that’s about it.
What other activities do you have outside of motocross?
Aw man, not too many, I ride BMX a lot and that’s about it.