Kevin Piper, 18
Brea, CA
Sponsors: Mom & Dad
Kevin Piper is one of the ever growing list of racers that have been coming out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX races on a two stroke bike.  The two strokes motorcycles seem to be growing in popularity again in spite of a the horsepower they give away to the bigger four stroke bikes.  Piper was racing a YZ250 in the 450 Novice class and was laying down lap times that were very close to the bigger 450 engine bikes.  On a track like Perris with excellent conditions like they were for this race, it is a show of skill to be able to match laptimes with the rest of the riders in the class.  Piper kept his corner momentum on the lighter bike and kept a strong pace through his motos.  New to the Winter Cup races, we stopped by to get to know the #18 rider.
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transorld MX Winter Cup?
I’m just starting to get back into racing, I took a year off.   I’m just having fun again!
Why did you take the break from racing?
I’ve been working, I have a full time job now after school.  But I felt like I needed to get back into racing.
What is it about motocross that brought you back?
The competition and the adrenaline are the reasons.  It is also fun to line up on the gate and go race.
Why do you pick motocross over all of the other sports that are out there?
It’s not a team sport, it is all solo so it is all on you.  You don’t have to rely on a team.
Since you have a full time job, how often do you get to ride to prepare for races?
Just on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.  I used to ride during the week when I didn’t have a job.  Now that I do have one, I had to stop doing that.
What do you like about racing the 250 in the 450 Novice class?
I used to run a 250F in the 450F class, but I just got this a couple months ago.  It’s lighter and it is fast!  It’s pretty cool to go out there in the 450 class and smoke some guys on four strokes.
Do you think the 250 two stroke makes you a better rider?
Definitely yes, I think so.  I’ve improved a lot over the last two months, corner speed and lap times have both improved quite a bit.
What is your goal in motocross?
It’s starting to turn into a hobby.  I wanted to do some of the amateur nationals and things like that, but I don’t think it will happen. 
Did you ever race any of the amateur nationals?
All I’ve been doing is Mammoth.  That’s really the only one.  I haven’t qualified for the main event yet.  This will be my first year up there doing the 450 Novice class though.
How did you get started racing motocross?
I started out when I was 6 years old, just riding out in the desert when my dad used to ride.  One day I wanted to go race and I fell in love with it.
What other things do you do besides motocross?
I road bike a lot, I just got a new road bike so I’ve been riding that.  Other than that I work during the week, that’s pretty much it.
Is the road bike your primary form of training?
Yes, right now it is, but I also do some light weight lifting.