Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Luke Purther

Luke Purther, 14
Oak Hills, CA
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While watching the races at Perris Raceway for the fourth round of the Winter Cup, we noticed a KTM tapping the rear wheel through the whoops without the front wheel making contact.  Once that got our attention, we watched the 85cc rider pounding down the laps and putting a big gap on the rest of the riders in the moto.  It soon became apparent the rider was mini star Luke Purther, out to shake down his motorcycle and take some gate drops before the season of amateur nationals starts up. 
How long have you been riding?
Since age 7.
How did you get started?
My dad bought a Yamaha PW50 and I hopped on it.  He saw I had a little bit of talent so he decided to try to take it a little bit further and we ended up here.
What is your biggest accomplishment in the years you’ve been racing?
It would have to be Loretta Lynn’s in 2010 on the 65’s.  I won the championship that year.
What is your plan for 2013?
Try to hit all of the nationals, but mostly to get ready for Loretta’s because that’s the big one.  We will go to Oak Hill, Freestone and all of those.
When are you going to move up to the bigger bikes?
We are going to try to stay on 85’s this year if I don’t grow any taller.  If you look back and Tomac and some others they were the same height, so we are going to try to say on these bikes and hopefully move up with a ride.
How often do you ride during a normal week?
I am not the type of rider that rides too much, but I would say 3 times a week.
What else besides riding do you do to keep in shape?
I mountain bike and running.  You know I live in the back hills so there are a lot of trails.  Just some cardio and stuff like that.
Why do you race?
That’s a hard question.  It’s really all I know.  It’s what I grew up on and what I love.
What is your goal in motocross?
Hopefully become pro and be one of the top riders on the podium and hopefully get a ride.  If I don’t get a ride soon I will be off the bike.
What rider would you consider to be your idol?
In the Lites I would probably go with Dean Wilson or Blake Baggett.  In 450 class Villopoto is a good rider, but who I look up to is Reed.
What else do you do besides moto?
I like to go snowboarding and fishing.  I like to do stuff outdoors.  I don’t do much other stuff than that.