Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Luke Sparks

Luke Sparks, 8
Stanton, CA
Sponsors:  Just my dad.
One of the greatest things about going to the races is seeing the young kids battling each other on the track as they cut their teeth in the racing world and learn the fundamentals of competition.  These kids are the future of the sport and are often the envy of the older generations as they reminisce about their days gone by as they watch their children go through the same experiences.  There is something special about the genuine excitement and smiles of the kids as they roll off their track on their 50’s and 65’s enjoying the moment as they make lifelong friends in the sport.  These smiles carry on into the pits, and as we caught up to Luke Sparks between races, he was spending the day with his father with a smile on his face adults can only envy.  Luke came out to Racetown to compete in the 0-8yrs 65cc class and the PeeWee 0-8yrs class.  He put in an impressive performance with 2nd place trophies in both classes as he rode to the finish line with one moto win and 3 runner up positions.
Are you enjoying  the Transworld Race Series?
Yeah, I am having fun.
Do you have a favorite track?
Yeah, it is Milestone.
What else do you do besides motocross?
Nothing, I don’t do any other sports.
Is motocross your only hobby?  No bicycles, skateboards or anything?
Well I ride them, but I don’t race them like I do motorcycles.
How do you get ready for a race?
I ride my bike and practice a lot.
What is your long term goal for motocross?
Win championships. 
Any championships in particular?
No, just any of them.