Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Michael Wicker

Michael Wicker, 15
Anza, CA
Sponsors:  Chaparral Motorsports, FMF, EKS Brand, Deft Family, FLU Designs, Wicker Water Well Pump Service, Mom and Dad, all the family and friends that support me and cheer me on.
In the Super Mini class at Cahuilla Creek MX, Michael Wicker was railing through the corners and showing some very impressive speed on the long fast track.  He quickly put himself at the front of the pack and kept his Honda at the front until the checkers.  As we watched him around the track, he chose very smart lines through the notorious Cahuilla Creek braking bumps and holes. 
Tell us a little about yourself.
I’ve been riding for about 8 years now.  I started riding when I was about 5.  I used to always watch the races from when I was a baby and I always loved it.  I always looked up to Ricky Carmichael a lot.  When I first got my bike, I guess I flew down a hill a bunch of times and didn’t want to wait.  It’s been a long road since then, last season, 2012 wasn’t very good, too many injuries.  But now we are getting back to where we were before.
Did you get started riding because your family rode?
I got started from my dad riding a lot on his old 500, and I’ve always loved it and wanted to do it.  I kept begging him for a bike and he waited until I was about 5 and then I rode for a few months on an XR50.  Then when we figured it was time to race, I rode my first race, I don’t think I did too good, outside the top 10 because I kept waving at everyone instead of actually focusing on the race.  All the hard work from my dad and my trainers is paying off, so hopefully we can make it to the nationals like Loretta’s this year.
What nationals are you planning on going to try to qualify for besides Loretta’s?
We might try Ponca City, Mammoth of course, we love that national.  So far I think that might be it.  My number one goal is try to get into the Monster Cup just so we can say we did it. That would be real cool to do
What do you do to prepare for the year?
Usually we just come to tracks that get pretty rough and work on endurance training.  I’m pretty self motivated so when I do my work outs I do them at my house, not at a gym or anything.  I have a trainer, Robbie Skaggs, he’s a great guy who works for Dunlop.  He’s awesome, he helps me out with anything, correcting my old habits or anything I need to work on.  I wouldn’t get anywhere if it wasn’t for him.
How often do you get to ride?
Well I currently went back to public schools in two months ago after Christmas.  It didn’t quite work out so I went back to school and can only ride on the weekends.  But on the weekends we make sure it isn’t wasted time.  We work many motos and work on endurance and just have fun riding with all my friends and keep it fun.
What other things do you do besides motocross?
Usually if I am not at home doing homework or the things I have to catch up on, I like riding bikes, playing paintball or anything that is outside and active.
You mentioned that Ricky Carmichael was an inspiration for you, why is that?
I just liked how he would win a lot, but when he did lose he would say it wasn’t my weekend, I need to go home and work harder and try again next week.  He wouldn’t blame anyone else.  He’d never have a big ego or anything and had a positive attitude.
What do you think about the Transworld Race Series?
It is pretty amazing how the series is evolving from what it was a year ago.  It’s gotten bigger and bigger all the time. It is awesome to see all the people here.  I like how it doesn’t just stay at one track, it moves around.  You don’t get bored of the same thing, you get to go all over.