Mike Cundari, 32
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Mike Cundari has been a series regular at the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX Race Series and has been a strong competitor in the 30+ Intermediate and the Vet Intermediate Open classes.  At many of the races, Cundari can seen at the front of the pack or battling his way to the front of the class.  In the 2013 Winter Cup, he claimed the series title in the 30+ Intermediate class and the runner up position in the Vet Intermediate Open class.  Like most of the vet weekend warriors, Cundari comes out to compete for the love of the sport.  
How did you get started racing?
My dad bought me a bike when I was little, but after I was about five or six I didn’t until high school.
What did you do in those years between riding motocross?
I snowboarded and skated, but it seemed like I was a little bit better at riding than those things.  Then when I started breaking bones, it was definitely easier to start riding motorcycles than skating and snowboarding.
What is it about motocross that draws you to the sport?
I guess it is the adrenaline rush, just to go fast. 
What other activities do you do besides motocross?
That’s about it now, it’s kind of limited because of injuries.
Being a vet rider with responsibilities, how much does the risk of injury cross your mind out on the track?
Yeah, it does.  I could push it, but I try not to anymore than I need.  It depends on where I am at.
Is racing a break from the everyday grind for you?
Yeah, for sure.
What do you do for a living?
Right now I work at a fencing company for the union.  It’s hard work and not fun.
Is your family involved in your racing?
No, not really.  My mom has come out before, but it’s really just me.
I know my parents wish I would grow up and quit motocross, what does your mother think about it?
She leaves it up to God’s hands I guess. I broke both my wrists once and she had to take care of me, I couldn’t do anything.  She was cool about it, she even had to help me eat. 
What do you do to prepare for racing?
Just normal gym training, a little bicycling, but I’ve been slacking on that.  I don’t like to bicycle in the cold.
What do you like about the Transworld Race Series?
Just the riders, there is a better turnout than other series.  The long motos and you getting out early are good.