Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Nick Beall

Nick Beall, 18
Arroyo Grande, CA
Sponsors:  San Luis Motorsports is my main sponsor, Bell Helmets and my mom and dad help me out a lot.
Motocross racers are a rare breed and will usually do whatever it takes to get their regular does of adrenaline on race day.  Nick Beall made a 6 hour trek to Perris MX and has been making long drives all year as a regular on the Transworld Race Series events.  Beall has been steadily moving his Honda up in the field of the 450 Intermediate and Open classes through the year.  The drive and determination required to put in long drives for a racing fix shows a true love of the sport.   

How long have you been racing?
I’ve been racing since 2010, so 2 years.
How long have you been riding?
I’ve been riding since I was about 5.  I started riding on tracks in about 2007 and I got hooked on that and started racing.
You’ve moved up to Intermediate in two years of racing?
Yeah, 2012 marked the start of my intermediate racing and didn’t do too well at the beginning of the year but now I’m finally getting into the groove and it’s going good.
How has the year been overall?
It’s been good overall, no injuries at all.  My goal was to stay injury free since my femur break in 2011, so no injuries and I’ve been racing smooth and consistent.
What are you 2013 plans?
My plan is to hit some of the bigger races, Mammoth, Dodge National and stay in the intermediate class and see if I can gain speed and do better.
What do you think of the Transworld Race Series?
The Transworld Series is awesome!   It’s cheap, you get two classes for $45, you get transponders and lots of competition.  15 riders in the 450 Intermediate class today, that’s a pretty stacked field.
What do you do for conditioning?
I ride my ride my road bike and then go to the gym at night.  Other than that I just try to get as much seat time as possible.
What other activities do you do?
I downhill mountain bike, wakeboard and snowboard.  My main focus is motocross though.