Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Patrick Hannah

Patrick Hannah, 16
Indio, CA
Sponsors: Split , One Industries, Enzo, Spy, Maxima, I-10 Toyota, Beaumont Powersports, and my parents
While cruising through the pits of Glen Helen, we spotted the #357 Kawasaki that had been absent from the races for a while.  Patrick Hannah was riding in the Novice class earlier in the year and was a smooth consistent rider.  He was noticeably absent for several races, and when he returned at the Lake Elsinore round he signed up with the Intermediate class.  The jump to the Intermediate class is always tough, but Hannah was putting in good laps and turned the fastest lap of the moto on the last lap of his second 250F Intermediate moto. 
How long have you been racing?
About 3 years now.
What class are you racing?
250F Intermediate
You’ve moved up fairly quick in 3 years?
Yeah, I would say so.
Had you been riding before you started racing?
I rode off and on, mostly desert stuff.  No racing or on any tracks.
Why did you switch from desert to motocross?
I came to motocross because my parents did it back in their day and I thought I would give it a try.  It ends up that I love it!
How have you been doing in the racing?
Pretty good, I’m just coming back from two broken arms.  This is my third race back in Intermediate and I feel pretty good.
How did you break your arms?
At the last Competitive Edge Transworld race, last lap, last turn I went over the bars, I don’t remember it from there because I was knocked out.
Why do you race?
I love the sport, it’s fun, I love the people and like to go fast!
What other activities do you do?
Just fishing, hanging out with friends, video games, workout and that’s about it.  I do like trucks and cars though.
What do you think of the Transworld races?
I love them, they are really better than any other series.  Their turnouts have a lot more people than the other series.