Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Renton Minuto

Renton Minuto, 15
Catalina Island, CA
Sponsors: N-Style, GPR, My Dad and Mom, Pro Circuit, Mid-Cities Honda, FMF, NOS Suspension
Renton Minuto has been a regular at the Muscle Milk / Transworld MX Race Series and has been a regular at the front of the 250F Novice class.  It is very common to see the familiar #14 Honda battling for the lead positions in the class, and while it hasn’t happened yet, we are confident that we will soon see Minuto on the top step of the podium in the class.  Despite only being on a 250F for a short time, he has acclimated to the bike quickly and become a strong competitor, all while being stranded away from easy access to the California motocross tracks.
How often do you get to ride each week since you have to come from Catalina Island?
I ride some during the week, we have a little track over there.  I mainly run and exercise over there and work out, then come over here and race on the weekends.  Each weekend progressively getting better hopefully.
How long have you been riding?
I think my first motocross race was probably when I was about 7 years old.  I wasn’t into motocross a lot, I used to run a lot of grand prix races. When I was about 10 or 11 I went to Mammoth and really got into it. 
How did you get interested in motorcycles?
From my dad.  We would always just ride back on the island, just go ride every other weekend and have fun.  Then just started progressively coming over town, over here for you guys, that’s what we call it over there. I just slowly got into it and he (dad) taught me everything I know.
What do you like about motocross that got you to switch over from grand prix racing?
I almost like them equally, but I like motocross because you’re not going to be the best one day just doing grand prix races, you have to do everything.  You have to do motocross, you have to do supercross.  Like Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey, they all do outdoors and supercross and they started out just like everyone else.  I also like motocross because I can do better in it.
Where would you like motocross to take you in the future?
I really hope I can go pro someday.  When I think about it, I’m 15 racing against 16 and 17 year olds, and hopefully in a couple years be bumped up to intermediate and then pro class.  Hopefully from there I can take it somewhere with my life.  I’ve never really thought about doing anything else, just motocross every day.  That’s just kind of my thing.
Do you have a plan for when you will move to the B class?
Hopefully if I can make it to Loretta Lynn’s this year, then next year would be the year I try to bump up to the intermediate class.
Is this the first year you are trying to qualify for Loretta’s?
I tried last year, but I ended up breaking my shoulder at the regional qualifier and I didn’t make to Mammoth or Loretta’s.  But last year I was still riding a 150 instead of a 250. I bumped up a couple months ago and trying to progressively get more confident and aggressive.
What is your plan for the rest of this year?
Hopefully get this Transworld series done, I’m second in points right now, hopefully I can get first.  Then just keep going from that and go to Loretta’s.  Hopefully if the Catalina Grand Prix happens this year we can do something there too.
What other things do you do besides motocross?
Basically, for me it is just train, go to school, I still go to school, I’m not homeschooled, and then race.  I do some mountain biking and some things like that, but I’ve never been into it as much as motocross.
Is mountain biking your primary training?
It is the funnest for me at least since we have a lot of hills on the island.  I get to do a lot of different trails out there.  Other than that I just go running or I have a spin bike, so I do that. 
If you could pick one rider that is the most inspirational for you, who would it be?
I always liked watching Ricky Carmichael ride, he was my favorite from when I was a little kid.  But now, watching Ryan Villlopoto is inspirational to me because it shows that hard work pays off.
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX races?
I like that there is a lot of competition out here and fun racing.  I love the schedule and how everything works.  It goes smooth and works good.