Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Robbie Wageman


Robbie Wageman, 14
Santa Clarita, CA
Sponsors: Pit Pro, Pro Circuit, Yamaha, Troy Lee Designs, Gaerne, Eks Brand Goggles
Robbie Wageman came out to Perris Raceway to prepare for the 2014 racing season.  The Yamaha pilot start off with a fast pace in the morning practice that carried over into his races throughout the day.  Racing against some very strong competition, Wageman ended the day with a 4th overall in the 250 Intermediate class after having trouble on the first lap of the opening moto.  In the second moto however, he came back to put on a comeback charge after a 5th place start on the first lap, crossing the checkers in second place.  In the Schoolboy class, he took home a 2nd place overall with 1-2 finishes against another strong field of racers. 

What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Tranworld MX Race Series today?
It is just good races and good competition, I just want to get behind the start to get ready for all of the big races coming up.  When the big races come up, I will have a good feel behind the starting gate and will be ready.
What are your racing plans for 2014?
I am going to race both Texas rounds, Loretta’s for sure, but I have to qualify for that.  And besides that, we are still discussing which others we are going to race.  Hopefully we will race all of them.
How have you done in the amateur nationals?
I’ve done Loretta’s, Ponca, the Texas races and a lot of others.  I’ve done pretty good at them.  I’ve gotten a few of 4th’s, some  3rd’s, basically a lot inside the top 5.  It’s all about the starts though, you have to get a good start to finish well.
Is this going to be the first year you race on the bigger bikes?
Yes, it is.  Monster Cup was actually my last race on a Supermini, and that was a good one to end on.  I got a 4th, I was in 2nd for a while and made a few mistakes, but I had a blast.  But yeah, this is my first year on the 250F, we were going to race the 125 class but decided to go straight to the 250F.  I love it so far, I’m having a great time on it.

What about motocross drives you to race instead of picking other sports?
When I was younger, my dad raced and m family raced and also watching it on TV made me want to do it.  I remember crying for a dirtbike when I was really little.  Finally for Christmas and my birthday I got a PW50 and I was the happiest kid ever and started to ride it in my back yard, and now here we are.  My number, 108, is actually from my dad, that was his number when he was an amateur.
Who is probably your biggest influence as I racer?
Either Ricky Carmichael or Jeremy McGrath.  Those two are my favorites!
What do you do to prepare for racing?
I try to ride two or three times per week.  I do some working out, especially now that I have to get stronger for the 250F.  I just try to get my riding in, and when I am not I workout and keep my day busy.
What type of training do you do for your worouts?
I ride my mountain bike sometimes, I will ride from my house to some trails, I love going up and pushing myself to the top and have fun on the way down.  I go to the gym sometimes to do cardio and all that.  I don’t really lift weights too much.  Between my mountain bike, riding, racing and going to the gym it keeps my days busy. 
What’s your ultimate goal in motocross?
Just to win and make it to the top and to be a good rider.  I’d like to race amateur a couple more years, then go pro and hopefully win.