Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Rocky Aiello

Rocky Aiello, 44
Temecula, CA
Sponsors:  Yamaha Motor Corp, Racetech, Fox
The vet riders at the local races are some of the most diehard racers of all.  They don’t race because they are looking to have a pro career or make money, they are doing it for sheer love for the sport.  Some riders will enter as many classes as possible to get the most seat time at a race.  Rocky Aiello is one of those riders, entering 3 classes and riding 6 motos during the day, all while helping his two sons get ready and support them during their races.  His sons also have taken a passion for racing, so whoever is on the track at any time, you can be assured the rest of the family is at the fence cheering on their rider.  Rocky doesn’t have much time to rest during the race day, but always has a smile and is genuinely happy to be sharing the experience with his family. 
What do you do for work?
I’ve worked at Yamaha for almost 18 years.  I am the Western Region Sales Manager so I look after the dealers in the western region.
Does it make easier to go to work on Monday when you are a motorcycle enthusiast?
Yes, it is everything.  You see other people around you and they kind of get stuck in the grind, they’re in a job that they don’t like.   When you have a job you are really passionate about it make all the difference.   Even when you have a bad week, it’s still a good week and you are surrounded by cool product and good people.  I’m so lucky to be in an industry like this.
You bring your whole family out to the races, did they just naturally follow you into the sport?
The coolest thing in the world is my wife, she just loves moto.  She’s always loved motorcycles in general.  For us it was never a question, when my boys were old enough they would have a PW50 and we would just give them the opportunity to see if they liked it.  We never pushed them, if they didn’t like it we would move on to other sports or other things.  Lucky for me, they both love it and the PW50 progressed to TTR50’s to wanting to race.  I didn’t know that was going to happen and next thing I know we are looking at YZ85’s.
How did you get into riding?
I figure I am one of the strangest motocross stories because I never raced when I was young.  I was always into sportbikes ince I was old enough to remember and that was my passion.  I always wanted a sportbike but they were forbidden in my house and my mom told me absolutely no way.  That backfired on her because as soon as I moved out I started buying motorcycles and riding every chance I could.  Then it ended up becoming a profession and making a career out of it.  I was a road racer and never used to moto until about 2010 just because the boys wanted to go moto.
What else do you do besides moto?
I really like to road race, but those days are behind me because you can’t really do it as a family.  For me to go out for a weekend I would feel like I was being selfish since it isn’t as much of a family environment.  I still like to get out on occasion and do some track days on the R1.  We also love the outdoors like camping, fishing and that type of stuff.
What kind of training do you do for your racing?
It’s kind of funny, some of my friends comment ‘now we know how you stay in shape’.  They come out for a weekend because they watch my two boys and they describe it as whipping me into shape when the boys are saying “Come on dad, let’s get going” and “Come on dad, we’re going riding.”  The coolest thing in the world is having them motivate me so it forces me into shape.  If we aren’t moto’ing we’re usually mountain biking together or something to keep active.