Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Sterling Von Hartmann

Sterling Von Hartmann, 16
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Sponsors:  Yamaha, FMF, PHAT Performance, ARC, Bell, Decal MX, Nicoll Racing, X Brand, Fly Racing, Asterisk
When the Transworld MX Race Series first began 3 years ago, it was started to give the local racing a jump start and give the local kids a place to develop their skills.  Sterling Von Hartmann is one of the racers who has been along for the ride, competing in many races aboard his YZ85.  This year, Sterling has graduated to the bigger bikes, getting on a YZ125 and is in the process of honing his skills in the 125 2-Stroke Open class and the Sportsman Novice 250 classes.  With each round, his skills on the bigger bike are making noticeable improvement.  We stopped by the Von Hartmann pit to get to know a little more  about him.   
How did you get started riding and racing?
I went to a supercross race when I was about 5 or 6, and then I also saw a PW50 in the pits, and it made me want one and to start riding, and I eventually got one.
How long after you started riding did you start racing?
It was about a year or so before I started racing.  My first race was here at Perris on the kids track.
What made you choose motocross over all of the other sports that are out there?
It is the best feeling in the world to fly over a jump or to get into a rut and just rail around it.  I also like that it is an individual sport, you make your own decisions and don’t have to rely on a team.
What is your favorite type of track?  Do you prefer the jumpy technical tracks or the more natural terrain faster tracks?
I’d have to say my favorite type of track are those like Cahuilla Creek MX and Mammoth MX, where they are kind of sandy and long fast straights. 
When you went from 85s to the big bikes, why did you pick the YZ125 over the 250F?
I think that being on a lighter and less powerful bike will make me a better rider because I will have to work more to go fast.  You have to be able to keep your speed up on it to make it over the jumps and things. 
Have you ridden the 250F to compare the two?
I did ride the YZ250F at one of the Yamaha ride days, and it was fun, but I think I will stay on the 125 for a while first.  It is a lot of fun to ride a 125 too!
What would you like to do with motocross?  Is it something you’d like to make a career or something to keep as a hobby and for fun?
A career would definitely be a dream come true, but if not then I just want to keep riding until I can’t anymore.  It is just so much fun for me.
What do you do besides motocross?
I like to mountain bike with my dad, I also surf and I play the piano as well.
Do you do any training to keep you in shape for racing?
Not too much, just the mountain biking and things like that.
You and your father are always both racing, and often your whole family is here with you.  Is motocross one of the family sports?
My dad and I come out and race and ride together, and also I have a sister and my mother both ride trail bikes.  We have a cabin in the mountains and they ride up there.
Do you go out and do family trail rides or rides in the desert?
Yes, a lot of times when we go up to our cabin in the summer we will take trail bikes up there and we will ride together a lot.