Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Steven Tokarski

Steven Tokarski, 21

Monrovia, CA

Sponsors: My mom, dad and my girlfriend.

Just a few years ago, Steven Tokarski was widely considered one of the top dogs in the amateur scene. Landing a ride with Vance & Hines his future looked promising. However, everything would change drastically for the youngster as a year riddled with injuries ultimately kept him from his full potential as an amateur racer and was nearly forgotten altogether. He’s back, though, and with just as much speed as he left off with as he has plans to hit a few of the outdoor nationals this year to try his hand on the professional circuit.

What brings you out to the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series today?

I’m trying to get back into racing and I’ve been hearing good things about this series and there’s a lot of people out here, so I’m trying to have some fun today.

How long have you been into motocross now?

I started riding when I was three years old out in the desert and my first race was when I was ten years old.

You were heavy into the amateur scene a few years ago then seemed to disappear for a while. Were you injured? Or just taking a break from racing?

I’ve just been dealing with injuries one after another. I broke my tail bone at the Monster Energy Cup. Then a month later I started riding again and ended up dislocating my hip, blew out my hip socket and fractured my back, so that set me back for about six months. Then a month into riding again, I hurt my wrist, so I needed to have surgery on that and that was about four more months. But I’m healthy and I’ve been at it for a month or two now.

Do you still plan on turning motocross into a potential career?

That’s the goal! Hopefully get some local races in and then I’ll hit the Glen Helen and Hangtown Nationals and see what happens from there.

Do you have any goals that you’ve set for yourself to accomplish by the end of the year?

Just to stay healthy to be honest (laughs).

What keeps you coming back to your dirt bike after all of the injuries and surgeries?

There’s nothing else like it. I mean there’s no other feeling that can compare and I’m just not a happy person when I’m not riding (laughs).

Do you have a particular training program or riding schedule set for yourself now that you’re back riding?

Not really. Just as much seat time as I can get. I’ve been mountain biking a lot and hitting the gym. I’m pretty much trying to mix it up with the mountain biking to keep it from getting boring.