Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Sydney Pena

Sydney Pena, 30
Moreno Valley, CA
Sponsors: Ryno Power
Sydney Pena is one of the series regulars at the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX races and can be found pitted with his uncle Joe Pena, who is also one of the mainstays of the series.  Sydney competes in both the 30+ Novice and Vet Novice Open classes, and when the checkers are thrown and the helmet comes off, there is always a smile and true excitement from the race. 
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/TWMXRS races?
It is just a good group of people with plenty of competition.  They always have a good track setup and great racing.
Why do you race motocross?  What draws you into the sport?
I would have to say the adrenaline rush that the racing gives.  The feeling of being on a dirt bike, it feels like it separates you from the rest of the world.
How did you get started riding and racing motocross?
My dad’s friend Donald gave me a bike when I was about 8 years old, a little XR75.  I wound up here at Perris Raceway when I was 12 for my first race.  That’s what started it all off.
You and your uncle come out here and race most every round together.  Is motocross and integral part of your family?
Yes, we get along great and we both share our love of motocross.  It is good times with family, and also with good friends as well.
What do you do outside of motocros?
I work full time as a welder for an electric car company.  Then when I get some spare time I like to get out on my mountain bike, I like to ride downhill and cross country as well. 
Between your job and mountain biking, how much time does that leave for your riding and racing?
I usually get out and ride once a week.  Often the races are the once a week that I get to ride.
How well does the mountain biking cross over to motocross for you?  Is it a good training tool for you?
It definitely is a great training for motocross.  On the mountain bike I stand up everywhere and when I’m turning, I notice it also definitely crosses over for endurance.  I’ve been doing a lot of that for training.
Do you have any other hobbies besides motocross and mountain biking?
I play a lot of basketball, and I also play ping pong.  We have a ping pong table at work, and everyone there is super into it, and I am actually getting pretty good at it.
You recently got the chance to go to Milville and ride the amateur race there.  How did racing there compare with racing on the Southern California tracks?
It is way more difficult.  A lot of these tracks seem easy after riding there, a lot smoother as well. It was a lot of fun though.