Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Tallon LaFountaine

Tallon LaFountaine, 15
Banning, CA
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Tallon LaFountaine has been a regular with the Transworld Race Series since its inception, starting off 2012 in the Novice classes through the year.  As the year progressed he gained speed and raised his level of riding with results improving throughout the year in the very competitive classes.  When the new year kicked off at Perris Raceway, LaFountaine moved up into the Intermediate classes and has shown he has the speed to be in the front of the class.  Being only the beginning of the year, we are looking forward to watching as he steps it up in his new class.  At the second round at Cahuilla Creek MX, we spent a few minutes getting to know Tallon.
How did you get started riding?
I always watched my brothers ride, and I started racing a year ago.  I just started doing it for fun and figured out it is something I could make a living at.
You’ve made a lot of improvement in a year, what do you attribute that success to?
I have a lot of great people behind me.  My dad has a ton of knowledge and I am also working with Randy Lawrence in the gym and Casey Johnson at the track.  They are really good people.
What is your typical training regimen?
Usually I will go on a run or ride my road bike, then circuit training where you will do 5 minutes of jumping rope then into a heavy circuit.
What are your long term plans for racing?
Right now I am just having fun.  If I can make something of it then that would be very cool.  It is something I love doing.
What are your goals for this year?
I don’t want to get too out of hand setting them too high.  I definitely have expectations for myself.  I’m going to do Loretta Lynn’s and hopefully get top 10’s.  That should set me up good for next year.
What other things do you do?
I play golf and other than that just hang out, play video games and go to Pole Position every once in a while.
Do you ever just go out freeriding in the hills?
I live in Beaumont, so it is really nice.  I can leave straight from my house and go out into the hills and trail ride.  It is always fun to just get away.
Do you enjoy freeriding more than racing?
It is fun riding and riding trails, but having the adrenaline in racing and having that feeling of the win and being number one is much better.
What do you think of the Transworld Series.
I think the Transworld Series is really good.  They attract a lot of riders and a wide variety of people.  I just moved up to the B class and we have a lot of guys here today.  It makes it fun.