Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Thomas Covington

Thomas Covington, 16
Murrieta, CA
Sponsors:  Traxxas RC Cars, Monster Energy, Kawasaki Team Green, Fox Racing and Pro Circuit
Thomas Covington has been a strong force in racing since his early years on a motorcycle.  Along with multiple Loretta Lynn’s titles, the long time Team Green rider has competed in the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas and took home a 6th place finish in the Amateur All Stars race in 2011.  The hard charging teenager came out to Cahuilla Creek for a round of the Transworld Race Series Fall Cup and dominated the 250F Pro Class.
When did you start racing?
I started racing when I was about 5 years old going to the races with my older brothers Tyler and Alex doing the local races back in Alabama with my family.  From there I went to Loretta Lynn’s and started doing all the nationals.
How does the racing in Alabama compare to the racing in California?
The tracks in Alabama are awesome.  Awesome dirt and it is a really good atmosphere with all the people there.  Out here the racing is good too, especially the Transworld Series.  They get all of the fast guys out and a pro purse so it makes it fun to come out on the weekends and make a little money.
How was 2012 for you and what are your highlights from the races?
We had a rough year so far.  I’m looking forward to this next year, we are going to Mini O’s in a couple weeks to try to start things new again and work harder.
What’s your plans for the new year?
Next year I’m just going to be racing the 250A class and 250A Pro Sport at all the amateur nationals.  Hopefully in 2014 I will go pro.
What else do you do besides motocross?
I like to play the piano a lot.  Me and a couple of buddies get together and play, we have a little band.  Also I drive my Traxxas RC cars all the time battling with my buddies.  That pretty much what I do when I’m not riding.
How often do you get to ride?
I usually ride five times a week with my trainer Johnny O’mara and get the work done.
Do you ride mountain bikes with Johnny as part of your training?
Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking.  Actually, I did my first mountain bike race last weekend and it was tough but I know it’s just going to make me better in the long run with my fitness.  Working with Johnny has really been helping me out, I’m really pumped to have him with our team.