Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Toshiki Tomita

Toshiki Tomita, 23
Ishikawa, Japan
Sponsors: HRC, Dunlop, Motul, Hinson, Arai, Dirt Freak
Toshiki Tomita is the reigning All-Japan MX Motocross 250 Champion, taking the title in 2013 and working hard to secure his second title for the 2014 series.  Tomita came out to the Muscle Milk/TWMX Summer Cup race at Glen Helen MX to get some race laps and training in while the All-Japan Series is on a summer break.  We recruited TWMX Race Series regular Masa Shirotani to be our translator, and stopped by to learn more about Tomita.
What brings you to the Muscle Milk/TWMX Summer Cup today?
I came out today to race and compete for the win in the 250 Pro Class.  I want to win the money!
Is this the first time you have been over to the US and raced?
I came to the US about 8 years ago and raced and now this week I am here to race again.
How are you currently doing in the All-Japan Series?
I am currently in second in points behind the leader, but with three rounds left I still have time to overtake the leader to win the championship.  I just took two wins, and I want to win the rest of the races in the series.
If you win your second 250 title this year, will you move up to the 450 class?
I would really like to move up to the 450 class, but it will be the HRC Team that will make the decision on whether I move to that class.
Have you ever considered coming to the US to race full time?
Of course, I would like to someday if I could find a good team.  I do not know how to ride supercross though.
Was the 2013 All-Japan title your first national championship?
Yes, that was the first national championship.  I am hoping for my second one this year.
Is your bike in Japan a works bike?
My motorcycle in Japan is a stock based motorcycle, not so much a factory bike, only small changes like my KYB suspension and a small change in the motor.
How different is it racing over here in the US compared to Japan?
The weather is a lot the same, but in Japan, there is just the top three guys, but in the USA there are so many fast guys and it is always a good battle.  I enjoy racing here. 
Is it a lot more fun to come race a local event like the Muscle Milk/Transworld Series with no pressure than the All-Japan series?
I have a lot of pressure in Japan from HRC to win.  It is fun to come to a race like this just to have fun competing.