Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Travis Hoffman

Travis Hoffman, 15
San Diego, CA
Sponsors:  All American KTM, FMF, Answer, Gaerne, Deft Family, Spy, Mom and Dad
As the schoolboy class came thundering around the track on the opening lap, the distinct sound of a small bore two stroke stood out among the crowd. The KTM 150 was screaming around the track.  At an obvious horsepower disadvantage, Travis Hoffman keeps pace with the more powerful 250F bikes that make up most of the class.  Travis picks his smooth lines to keep the momentum through the tighter sections of the track and reminds us of the schoolboy riders of the past when it was a 125cc only class.
How did you get started riding?
My uncle from Mexico owns a motocross shop and we went down to see him one time and just fell in love with it.
How long have you been riding?
Probably about a decade, since I was about 5. 
Why do you ride?
Because it is fun, it is a good time.  It’s my favorite thing to do.
Do you think your KTM 150 is a big disadvantage against all the 250F’s?
Off the start it is pretty bad, but once you get on the track it isn’t too terrible.  It’s a good bike with good power.
Do you think it fits your size?
Yeah, my small self, it pulls me good.
Are you planning to move to a four stroke any time soon?
I’m hoping not a 250 four stroke, but a 250 two stroke sometime soon.  I’m not a big fan of four strokes.
What are your plans for the next year?  Are you going to move up  a class?
We are going to try to go to Loretta’s next year in the C class, then move up to intermediate after that.
What is your favorite track?
Cahuilla.  It’s a great place, especially in the winter it has good dirt.  Fun track.
Do you have any other hobbies besides riding?
XBox, other than that nothing really, that’s about it.