Travis West,14
Murrieta, CA
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Travis West has been a solid competitor through the past year at the Transworld Races and is moving up in the Novice and Schoolboy classes.  The 14 year old has picked up his game starting out in the Beginner class in the beginning of 2012 and progressing to the Novice class for the Summer Cup.  This year he has returned in the Novice class, but with the progression he has made in the last year, expect to see him in the Intermediate class soon. 
How did you get started riding?
My uncle took me to supercross when I was about 4 and I really liked it and I wanted to try it out.
What other activities were you doing at the time that you chose motocross over?
I was playing baseball and then I switched over to motocross.
How long have you been racing?
I’ve been racing since I was 5, so 10 years.
What is your goal in motocross, would you like to turn pro or keep it as a hobby?
I definitely want to turn pro and make it a career.
Do you have a plan in mind to achieve your goal?
I’m hoping to move up to Intermediate after the summer.  I was going to try to do Loretta’s and Mammoth, and then move up to Intermediate after that.  Then hopefully turn pro when I am 18.
Which Classes are you going to try to qualify for Loretta’s?
Probably 250C Stock.
What other things do you like to do besides motocross?
I like to ride BMX with my friends at my house, that’s pretty much it.  Go to the gym a lot. 
How often do you get to ride?
I try to ride three days a week, sometimes four.
Do you do anything besides riding to stay in shape for racing?
I go to the gym a lot and I train with Casey Johnson out at the track.
Do a lot of your friends race?
I’ve met most of my friends at the track so a lot of them race too.
What does your family think about your racing?
My parents like it.  If I like it they will support me.  I know my uncle likes it, he races.  My grandparents support me, I’m not sure if they 100% like it though. 
Why do you race?
I like to have fun and I like the adrenaline rush of racing.  It just makes me work more than anything else.
What one rider would be your biggest inspiration?
Ricky Carmichael, because he was the best!