Trevor Hooten,16
Escondido, CA
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Trevor Hooten is a recent graduate from the Novice class to the Intermediate class at the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX race series.  The last Summer Cup race he competed in Hooten was still in the Novice class.  Right from the start he was able to put his YZ250F up in the front of the pack of the 250 Intermediate class at the Cahuilla Creek round of the Fall Cup. 
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/TWMX race today?
It is probably the fastest group of kids at a local race, more than any of the other local race series.
How did you get your start in motocross.
My dad used to ride 3-wheelers when he was a teenager, and then when I was little I always wanted my own dirtbike.  My uncle let me ride on his dirt bike, and then when I was 6 I got my own 50.   Ever since then I’ve been riding.  There was a point I wasn’t able to ride for a while because of money, but I was able to start racing a couple years ago.
What did you miss the most during the time you weren’t able to ride?
Just the fact that I didn’t have the right size bike.  I was 14 years old and I had a 65, so I was unable to ride. 
How long have you been in the Intermediate class?
This is my first Intermediate race today.
How much of a difference have you been able to notice from the Novice class?
It’s so much better.  In the Novice class, if you don’t get a good start you are stuck behind everyone because they are just everywhere, but in the B class you can hold your own because everyone is going pretty good.
What is your overall goal in motocross?
If an opportunity ever came along to go pro I would take it, but right now I don’t want to make that a goal because I want to be successful with everything in life and not have motocross be the only thing I am leaning on. 
What is your goal outside of racing?
I want to go to school and find a career through that.
What is it about motocross that makes you keep coming back?
I don’t know, just ever since I was a little kid and watching people with good style makes it fun to watch and gives you a reason to ride.  It makes me strive to want to be like that.
Who was probably the most influential rider for you growing up?
Jeremy McGrath would be one, as well as Ricky Carmichael obviously.  But when I first started racing it would have to be Justin Barcia, when he was doing really well in the amateur classes, he was someone that I looked up to.
What is your biggest accomplishment in racing so far?
It would probably be winning the 450 C class in Mammoth. 
What other hobbies do you have besides motocross?
I like to skateboard a lot, I used to BMX a lot, and still will when I get a chance.  Pretty much anything, including going to the beach and surf sometimes.
Do you find the BMX skills cross over to your motocross riding?
Not at all.  It doesn’t cross over for me one bit.
What kind of training do you do?
I work out with Michael Delfonte, he is my friend and he has a little program going on at his house and he lets me come over and we work out quite a bit.