Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Tristan Miller

Tristan Miller, 15
Alpine, CA
Sponsors:  Monster Energy Team Green Kawasaki, Maxima, Renthal, Fox, Uni Filters, RK Chain, Traxxas, FMF, Factory Connection, Dunlop
Tristan Miller is a rising star in the amateur ranks, the young San Diego racer has recently signed on to a Team Green Kawasaki ride.  Making his first showing in the series, he came out to Milestone with a very quick pace and taking home one overall win in the Schoolboy class and a 2nd overall in the 250 Intermediate class.  Miller has been making a name for himself in the amateur ranks for a few years and is working on continuing to build on his success as he moves into the 250 class. 
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX Race?
Just to get some extra track time and race time to get myself prepared for the amateur nationals, and also just to race against some of the fast kids that I am going to see at the bigger races. 
Being out in Alpine, you’re a fair distance from most of the SoCal tracks, where do you usually practice and train?
We usually come up here two times a week, either to Milestone, Perris, Starwest or Glen Helen.  It’s a long drive, but my parents have managed to help me get up here twice a week to train with my trainer Buddy Antunez, so it’s good. 
What are your plans for the next year?
My plans are to go to all of the big amateur nationals and hopefully get some top 3’s there.  Having it be the first year on the big bike, I’m hoping to take away some top 5’s or even top 3’s.  Kawasaki offered me a ride, and I took it, so I am riding for them for the 2014 season, so I am happy for that.
What’s been your biggest accomplishment of your racing career so far?
I want to say getting a ride with a manufacturer such as Kawasaki, that’s been my whole goal is to ride for one of the manufacturers as good as them, as well as have them help me get to where I want to be in my career.
Do you have a goal of when you want to move up to the pro class?
I think I am going to stay in the amateurs for 2, maybe 3 more years, then turn pro after that. 
What do you do for a training program with Buddy Antunez?
We usually ride two days a week, we come out here and he helps us with drills like a stand up drill, our corners, technique, speed and our motos.  He’s just been a big help for my entire time I’ve been riding, he’s always helped me out a lot.
What other things do you do besides racing?
I like to fish.  My dad was into fishing when he was growing up.  Then I started racing, so he had to quit.  Now that is my other hobby.
Does racing come from your family or are you the first one to do it?
Yeah, I’m the first one to do it, I saw it on TV and asked my dad if I could have a motorcycle.  He told me I can’t even ride my bike without training wheels.  I told him to take them off and he gave me a push out of the garage and told me if I could ride without training wheels, he would buy me a motorcycle.  I did it, so he ended up buying me a motorcycle and that’s how we got started.
Who was the most influential rider that you watched over the years?
I’ve always looked up to Kevin Windham and Ryan Dungey for always training hard and always being up front.  They’ve really inspired me to keep training and riding and just do good things.