Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Tyler Churchill

Tyler Churchill, 18
El Cajon, CA
Sponsors: Alias, We All Ride, Rock River Yamaha, EBS, UNI Filters, Fast Heads, Suspension 101
Tyler Churchill comes from a family of motorcycle enthusiasts and races.  When we stopped by his pit, he was surrounded by family providing support for his racing endeavors.  As is the case with many racers these days, Tyler’s father was a motocross racer as well, lending the inspiration to ride and race to his kids.  It is easy to see that motorcycles provide a strong bond when the entire family is out to cheer on the younger members at the track.  Churchill is starting the new year off with a return to racing after taking some time off from competitive riding to focus on riding skills.  When the gate dropped, Churchill looked as if he had been racing all along with no break in competing.  We stopped by the Churchill pit to learn a little more about Tyler.
How did you get started racing?
I got started racing from my dad, he raced when he was little.  He started me off on a PW50 and started racing at Barona MX.
How old were you when you started?
I was 4 years old when I started riding and I think my first race was at 6.
In the years you’ve been racing, what has been your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment would be a moto that I won at the World Mini a couple years ago, but that wasn’t a main event win or a title.  We haven’t really done that many nationals, we’re just kind of really getting into it.
What have you been doing in the last few years to get ready?
We took the last two years off from racing and I am just getting back into it, so we are just starting to hit the bigger races.
What is your plan for the coming year for racing?
This year I want to do as much damage in the Intermediate class as I can.  I’ve heard from a bunch of friends that the Transworld races were fun so we came out to check it out.  It’s a pretty rad event.
Are you going to race any of the nationals this year?
We are going to go to World Mini, possibly Ponca and Loretta’s, Mammoth, and I want to go to Dodge too.
What do you do for training?
I just got a road bike for Christmas so I’ve been riding that.  Other than that I just do the standard situps, pushups and I am going to start going to the gym.  Also ride at least 3-4 times a week.
What is your favorite track?
My favorite is Mesquite MX for sure.
What other activities do you do besides moto?
More moto is pretty much it!