Tyler Eticknap, 20
Lompoc, CA
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Tyler Enticknap is no stranger to racing, having done it for many years and also having a brother that has been racing supercross, it is a way of life for him.  Enticknap has been to the last two rounds of the Transworld Race Series and has made his mark in the 450 and Open Pro classes.  He has 6 moto wins out of 8 total against some very fast competition.
Tyler, could you give us a little background about yourself?
I am from Lompoc, CA, I am down here racing the 450 Pro and Open Pro classes.  I grew up in Central California and moved down here a couple years ago with John Marada to Victorville.  Now I am living with a buddy of mine, Connor Strait, and they are helping me out a lot now.  I’ve been back riding for about a month and a half after I broke my femur up at the Dodge National last year.  I’ve been training a lot and doing physical therapy.  I came out here to the Transworld race to get in some gates and get comfortable on the bike and just getting ready for the Texas rounds.
Prior to the Dodge National, how was 2012 going?
2012 had a lot of ups and downs.  I was doing good, I got a title at Oak Hill in open skill and a third out in Alabama. I also won a title at World Mini in College Boy and also did real well in all my area and regional qualifiers for Loretta’s.  At Mammoth I got 1st in Open Intermediate and 2nd in 450 Intermediate behind Matt Bisceglia.  I went to Loretta’s and it was my first time there so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I kind of over trained and was over prepared for it.  I won a moto and ended up 3rd in College Boy and 7th in 450 Mod Intermediate.  It was a good building year for me.  After Loretta’s I took a couple weeks off and then moved up to the A class and went to the Vurb Classic and won the 40 class and the Open class.  After that I trained to get ready for Dodge.  Once there practice went really good and then in my first moto I started 3rd or 4th and got up to the lead pretty quick.  Then on the third or fourth lap I hit a tabletop and endo’d and unfortunately I ended up breaking my femur and fracturing my C6 in my neck.  I was down for about three months. 
Now that you are all healed up, what are your plans going forward?
My plan is to keep on training and then, I’m not sure yet, but I think we are for sure going to Oak Hill and Freestone and the Texas rounds.  I may go out to Masterpools the week before in Alabama when everyone is out there training out there.  I will do the World Mini, do the area qualifiers to get my pro points, Mammoth, Ponca City and Loretta’s.  If everything goes good I think I am going to do the last three rounds of the AMA national series.  Should be good!
What drives you to race?
I honestly love racing.  My dad was a flat tracker back in the day, my brother is a supercross racer and my whole family is into racing.  Ever since I was little me and my brother have been going at it.  I just like the feeling of winning and being successful after working your butt off and getting paid for it.  It’s so sick!
A lot of people ride motocross to get away from their everyday life.  What do you do to get away from motocross and relax?
I have a compound bow and shoot squirrels and stuff at my house, and I also like going fishing with my dad.  There is a trail riding area near my house, Ballenger, where there is a lot of single track stuff that I just go out and ride.
What do you do for training during the week?
The week consists of warm up on my road bike, then bust out laps like a couple good 20 minute motos and then work on sections.  Then later I usually go to the gym.