Tyler McCoy, 15
Northern Territory, Australia
Sponsors: I don’t have any sponsors, I just ride for Sebastian Tortelli at Champ Factory
The Southern California race scene is one of the most competitive in the world as well as a feeding ground for racers working their way toward a pro career.  In that sense, it only makes sense that it is one of the destinations for many young racers to come race to make their presence known and work their way towards becoming a pro racer.  Tyler McCoy has come to Southern California from Australia to work on qualifying for the Loretta Lynn’s championship.  In his preparation, he has been come out to the last two rounds of the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX Winter Cup to get ready for the qualifiers.  
What brings you out to the Transworld MX Winter Cup race?
Just coming out to race to get ready for the upcoming Loretta Lynn qualifier. 
Why did you come over to the United States to race?
I came over for a little bit more coaching and to get an extra edge on the rest of the guys.
Is the Champ Factory you primary training while you are over here?
Yeah, I’m living at the Champ House at the moment, so every day is training with Sebastian Tortelli and it is going really good.
How different is the racing over here compared to Australia?
The racing is really different.  There are a lot of fast guys here, which is much better for me.
What is your goal in motocross?
The ideal goal is to get a supercross championship and a motocross championship.  I’m just working towards that.
Have you done any of the amateur nationals over here before?
Not over here, I just finished the qualifier for Mammoth and got into that, so that’s it so far.
What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in racing?
My biggest accomplishment so far would be when I finished second in the Australian Jr. Title.
What other things do you do besides motocross?
I like to just hang out with my mates and make the best of the time I’m not on the bike.
What do you do for training to prepare for the races?
Besides the riding we actually go to the gym on Tuesdays and then Wednesday we do some cycling.