Willy Simons Jr., 17
Simi Valley, CA
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The 250F Intermediate class has been one of the most contested and tightly fought classes at each round of the Spring Cup, so it is hard to stand out in the sea of Yamaha motorcycles.  Willy Simons Jr. came out to the final round of the Spring Cup, and we immediately noticed the riding skills and smooth style Simons showed on the track. 
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX race today?
All of my friends have been telling me they are great events, I’ve only done one before but that was last year.  It’s been great so far and there is some great competition.
How did you originally get started racing motocross?
My dad was a test rider, and he raced and traveled while doing that.  When I was still just a little guy, we used to ride off road, and then that transitioned in motocross.
What made you make the switch from off road racing to motocross?
I am not sure, I think it was more just a change in the type of excitement really.  I got burned out on the off road scene and I had a bad injury.  I broke my neck and back, and coming back from that I just wanted to race motocross.  I just have more fun riding on a track than a wide open type riding.
What makes you choose motocross over other sports like basketball or football?
For me it is really just the adrenaline rush.   I also like the fact that it is just you out there, you don’t have to put anything on anyone else, it’s all about yourself.  I just like to push myself out on the track and get the adrenaline rush from it. 
How often do you ride to keep in practice for the races?
I try to ride at least two days a week.  I also work out with a trainer just keep myself physically ready.  But my goal is usually to ride two days a week.

What type of training do you do?
Just gym work like strength training type of stuff and a little bit of cardio, maybe a little time on the bike.  Nothing too serious, just something to keep me going. 
Have you done any of the amateur nationals?
I’ve done Mammoth and I’ve done all the Loretta’s qualifiers.  With the transition to motocross, I haven’t done too many.  I just did the World Mini a month ago, but nothing huge like Loretta’s. 
Where would you like to go with motocross, is it something you’d like to make a career or keep it as a hobby?
I would like to try to make something out of it and try to move up to the pro ranks in a few years.  I’d just like to see what I could do without putting too much emphasis on it.  I just want to keep it fun and I’d like to do it as a career, but if it happens, it happens.
What other activities do you do besides motocross?
Anything really, I bicycle a lot.  We also take our boat out quite a bit and do wakeboarding.  Just anything with wheels or on the water and I’m there!