Zach Taylor, 13
Woodland Hills, CA
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Zach Taylor is one third of the Taylor family that is at the track on race days.  Racing under the supervision of their father Rich Taylor, Zach and his brother are hard chargers in their classes.  Zach races in the 12-13yr and the Big Wheel 85/150F classes.   Having grown up in the sport and racing at a young age, Zach shows the skills and speed of a seasoned veteran at the young age of 13.  Zach is a well rounded athlete with a bright future and we expect to see him moving up quick in the next few years.
How did you get started riding and racing motorcycles?
My dad was a pro racer before I was born, and I started to slide right into it and have been doing it for about 4 or 5 years now. 
Did you have your own interest in racing or was it just part of the family activity?
It was a little of both, my dad would always take me out to the track and I really enjoyed it a lot.  I wanted to just keep doing it more and more.
What do you like about motocross over other sports?
It is really intense and a hard sport.  It takes a lot of mental and physical activity and it is just really fun for me.  I also love airing it out over the jumps too.
What rider would you say is your biggest inspiration?
My dad for sure, he has led nationals and he has been my main reason that I am able to race.
What is your goal with motocross?  Would you like to race pro someday or keep it as a hobby?
I would like to go pro for sure and make it a job that is riding and training would be fun.   Doing something I love plus getting paid for it would be cool!
Have you done any of the amateur nationals?
Yes, I have gone to Mammoth and ended up 12th, and I also went to the Dodge National about a month ago and ended up 8th.
Are you going to try to do more of the nationals in the next years?
We might try to make it through the qualifiers and regionals to get to Loretta’s, hopefully I can make it through.  We are also going to keep training for Mammoth next year as well.
What other things do you do besides racing?
I actually just finished football season for my school, we ended up second in the championship.  Then I am going to play some basketball to keep me active during the week.
Do you think playing those sports help you out for motocross?
Definitely!  You sweat a lot and it can be very intense.  You also have to work together as a team just like in motocross you have to work together with the bike.