Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Rider Profile: Sean Collier

Sean Collier, 28

Saugus, CA

Sponsors: Fasthouse, FMF, Gaerne, Von Zipper, Moto Works of Valencia, Dunlop and Maxima.

To some, the name Sean Collier might not ring a bell, but to others, they would undoubtedly remember him from his days as an amateur racer. Collier made a surprise appearance at the first two rounds of the Outdoor Motocross Championship after being away from the scene for quite some time and finished with a 16th overall at Glen Helen and a 14th overall at Hangtown as a full privateer. Collier plans on hitting maybe another one or two more nationals by the end of the year and we can’t wait to see how he does.

Fasthouse… Not a whole lot of people know what Fasthouse is. Could you explain what they do?

Fasthouse is an online store that carries apparel and they have a really large presence in the vintage racing scene. The website is really cool, so if you haven’t already, make it a point to check it out. Decoster and a bunch of the old cats are on there spitting their game, so that’s really cool to check out. Like I said, they sell some cool apparel and also some awesome jerseys. It’s just an all around good vibe.

Have you ever dabbled in vintage racing?

Actually, yeah, I have. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a dirt bike, honestly. It was awesome battling with Dubach, Burner and a bunch of those dudes. We were riding the Marty Tripes 100 and I don’t think I shut off but like six times around the whole track. I would love to do more of that! Everyone, by now, knows about my KX500 up in Mammoth in the two-stroke class. I’d like to restore that thing and get in mint. That would be cool!

It’s really no secret anymore that you hold down a full-time, 9-5 job up in Sacramento, CA. Do you ever get any time at all to practice during the week?

No. Very rarely do I get that opportunity. I’ve only practiced two times midweek during this season. I have a buddy that was cool enough to drive my bike up to Sacramento so I could ride Hangtown and I just payed for his travels. I rode practice the Thursday before Hangtown and Press Day before Glen Helen, which was a Friday. That’s it! The weekends are my practice/race days. I’ll typically work on the bike one day and then ride or race the day before or after.

As of right now, you’re planning on racing at Washougal. Is that the last National that you plan on doing?

No, now we’re actually planning on hitting the Utah race, as well. It’s not set in stone yet because I’ve heard that the track is a little sketchy and windy. We’ll just see how it goes because at the end of the day, I have to show up for work Monday morning.

Most people remember you from your amateur days and some would even say that you seemed to disappear. What happened?

Ah man, I’d have to sit here for a good 30 minutes or so to explain my entire sob story for people to understand, but I know people don’t want to listen to that. But, in a nutshell, some stuff came up. Life Stuff! No matter what, though, I always rode dirt bikes. At the root of it all, I’ve always had the love for it. Obviously I wasn’t in the scene for a while, but I always stayed very passionate about it. My dad has given me bikes, Poshi supported me in 2012, so I’ve always maintained the ability to ride because of those people behind the scenes. I’ve been able to keep a bike under me to keep the skills up, which is great because if you let it go for too long it’s really difficult to get it back. So I’ve always ridden, just not in the scene.

So you’ve been riding basically the whole time you were away from racing?

Yeah! Whether it was on some WR enduro bike or a KX 500 or whatever, I never left riding. If I could twist the throttle, I would ride it!