Mike Sleeter, 38

Menifee, CA

KTM, ONE Industries, 100%, FMF, Dunlop, Intense Cycles, Proven Moto, Vertex, Cometic, Motorex, DT1, Motion Pro, Dubya, ODI, VP Racing fuels, The Mainline Coffee Co, HDX, Nihilo, Acerbis, Crower Cams, Hinson, Novatec Wheels, Jax Bicycles, Rock Shox, Scrubblade, and Scorpion bike stands.

If you’ve ever been to a Southern California motocross track chances are you’ve seen Mike Sleeter either testing for KTM, managing the Orange Brigade amateur team, helping to better develop products for One Industries and 100%, or his latest venture-delivering The Mainline Coffee to the masses. Sleeter wears many hats throughout the week and sometimes you’ll even see him wearing all at once, but you’ll almost never catch him without a big smile on his face even as he’s chasing you down on the motocross track.

Mike Sleeter, KTM R&D rider, One Industries R&D rider and Mainline Coffee Co. owner. What brings you to the Muscle Milk TWMX Summer Cup today?

I’m thinking about racing Washougal and Utah if my schedule allows for me to do so and my friends are here racing and it’s fun just to race. I think California is known for having the most professional practicers in the country, so it’s good to put some laps in and ride. Competitive Edge is a good track with good dirt and it’s fun just to go racing.

So there’s no replacement for gate drops when it’s time to get ready for a big race, right?

Yeah, there is no substitute for gate drops. It’s what we do you know? We grew up practicing to race, not practicing for practice. I, honestly have more fun racing now because since I’m on KTM’s schedule for testing I can’t very well say, “hey, let’s do a 20 minute moto!” It sounds pretty bad, but sometimes I get bored just putting in laps, so racing keeps me motivated and fires me up to get a good gate drop in.

You’re a pretty frequent sight at the TWMXRS. Are you a fan of the program?

Yeah, definitely! Today, there are 14 motos and I’m motos two and eight, so I’ll be out of here by 2 O’clock and that’ll give me time to get home to play with my kids. The schedule is run very efficient and when I bring out my Orange Brigade amateur squad I can check out their lap times at the end of the day. It’s nice that everything goes off without a hitch because the entire race program and schedule is run by riders. Craig Davis and his crew have a good handle on things and they always make sure everything is ran for the riders and not just for people’s wallets.

Let’s talk about the multiple career hats…

My deal with KTM is that I’m an on call test rider and I’ll usually test about three days a week. I also handle a lot of social media for the Orange Brigade with Christy. Also, what comes hand in hand with product development for KTM is that I get to work with One Industries and 100% doing product development on goggles, gloves and gear for them and it works out great because while I’m testing for KTM I can kill two birds with one stone by testing products for those two companies. The Mainline Coffee Co. is between my partner, Danny Gregg and I, which was an idea that I had to have something of my own that wouldn’t conflict with anything that I do. Coffee is more of a feel good vibe and he handles more of the day to day stuff with his wife and my wife and I’m basically doing my thing at the track slinging coffee around, but it’s fun and it keeps me busy along with my family. I can understand how that sounds like a lot, but once you get in the routine of riding it’s all about moto and making products better for moto.