Garrick Noble, 22
Riverside, CA
Sponsors: ONeal, Yoshimura, Race Teck, A&F Motorsports, ODI, 6D Helmets, Ryno Power, and my biggest supporter is my girlfriend Julia
The pro classes at the Muscle Milk/Transworld Motocross races have grown over the last 3 years, and with the outdoor nationals quickly approaching, some of the local pro races have been coming out to race to prepare for the nationals.  Garrick Noble came out to the second round of our Spring Cup series in preparation for the upcoming races and get some starts and race laps in.
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld Spring Cup today?
These races are always fun and they are run really fast.  It’s only 1:00 and I only have one moto out of four left.  They get done fast, they are well organized and there’s always a lot of competition out here.  It’s just fun to race with all your buddies and have a good time. 
What is your overall racing goal for 2014?
I’m just coming back from an injury, and my goal this year is make the top 40 at the Glen Helen national and a couple of the local AMA nationals.  I just want to get in some motos and get strong before Glen Helen.  I want to make it into the national motos, I have a full time job, so I’d be super happy to make the top 40 with what I’m doing. 
How do you fit in enough riding and training to prepare for nationals while holding down a full time job?
It’s kind of a struggle really.  I work 40 hours a week and get off at 4:00, so if I’m not riding, I jump on the road bike or mountain bike and just try to get in as much training as I can.  It’s tough, you definitely have to put in extra effort, especially racing, even at the amateur pro level.  These guys are still fast, and if you’re doing it with a full time job, it’s like another full time job on top of it while trying to make enough money to race. 
How often do you manage to get on the bike and ride each week?
I try to ride at least three days a week, and at least one of those days is going to be a race day.  Three times a week for me is a pretty full schedule, and every day I’m not riding I am training to be strong on the motorcycle.
What kind of training program do you do?
I have days where I will get on my road bike and try to put in a certain amount of miles, if it is 25 or 30 miles or whatever I can fit in.  I will do other days where I will set markers for myself and just do sprints on the road bike, use a timer and do sprints for 45 seconds or half mile or something using a stop watch to get my heart rate up and the let it come back down.  I will do sprints like that for a whole ride.
Have you qualified for any of the outdoor nationals yet or will this be your first attempt?
I tried last year at Utah and Lake Elsinore, it was a good experience to go try it, but I wasn’t ready to go run that pace on those tracks.  Those tracks are a lot different than what we experience around here, they are muddier and if you’re going into it nervous or have the jitters, you’re not going to ride smooth like you should.  I think that’s what happened to me last year, I didn’t ride the best and it was a lot different with the track and atmosphere and everything.  I think I got 8th in the LCQ, so I missed it by only a few spots, but I would like to get in by throwing down lap times in practice instead of through the LCQ.  It’s a slugfest in the LCQ when everyone is trying to make the motos, it gets dirty but it’s fun.