Kai Mukai, 18
Hilo, HI
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Kai Mukai has been a recent addition to the Muscle Milk/TWMX Race series, racing two of the latest rounds in the 250F and 450F Intermediate classes.  Right from the start he has shown blazing speed, challenging to top riders in the two classes.  At the second round of the Spring Cup and Milestone MX, Mukai put on four great races as he and series regular Dylan Anderson battled side by side every lap of the motos.  Kai showed his determination in the first 250F moto, challenging for the lead throughout the entire race and taking the fast outside line on a corner to get an edge with half a lap to go to take the win.  We stopped by to learn more about the Yamaha rider that has definitely caught everyone’s attention.
What brings you out to the Transworld Spring Cup race?
I like to come out to the Transworld races because there are a lot of fast guys and strong competition.  I like to keep racing to keep improving myself.
You are from Hawaii, but are you living here in Southern California now?
I am living in California now, I’ve been here for about seven months now.
How does the motocross in Hawaii compare to California?
There is one track on every island. 
Is there as much competition in Hawaii like there is over here?
No, there isn’t much competition over there at all.
Has your speed and skills improved since you’ve come to?
I have notice a lot of improvement in my racing and riding.  Being able to go to different tracks every day and get a lot of practice helps a lot. 
You’ve had very competitive battles in your races today, is that what racing is all about for you?
Battling is what we come here to do, it is just so much fun getting in with the guys and racing side by side.
Do you think that improves your skills more than just every day practice?
Yeah, it teaches me a lot and makes me find the different lines on the track.  You have to have good line selection to get around the guys.
How did you originally get started racing motocross?
When I was 6 years old, I was playing T-ball, and I told my dad I wanted to try riding a motorcycle.  He told me if I hit a home run in T-ball, he would buy me a bike, so the last game, I was up to bat and when I hit the ball I just didn’t stop running, and he ended up buying me a bike.  That’s how it all started, and I love it to this day.
What else do you do besides racing?
When I am back at home, my dad and I like to go fishing, that’s about it.  I just like to ride and that’s what I want to do.
What do you do for training besides riding?
I do a lot of cycling and home workouts.  I am trying to save money for a gym, so it is mostly all just at home.
What is your goal in motocross?
I want to race professionally, my dream is to win a championship or something like that.
Are you doing any of the amateur nationals this year?
Yeah, I am doing World Mini next week, and I am also trying to qualify for Loretta’s.