Muscle Milk/TWMX Summer Cup Series YZ250F Winner: Chase Mitchell

Chase Mitchell and his mother Karen with his new YZ250F

Chase Mitchell, 14
Helendale, CA
The three 2014 Muscle Milk/TWMXRS series so far have been very generous with Yamaha prize giveaways.   Yamaha has put in a big effort to help support the racers that come out to the Transworld races, and there have been generators, power washers, a YZ85, and the latest series gave away a 2014 YZ250F which was won by Chase Mitchell.  Chase was out at the final round at Milestone and was one of the riders that had their names pulled from the entry tickets to win one of the three Yamaha prizes.  As each rider drew out envelopes, when the envelope that awarded the new motorcycle was opened by Chase, he was stunned and couldn’t believe he had won.  Driving down the hill from Helendale, Karen Mitchell brought her son down the Milestone so he could compete in the final round of the series.   Congratulations Chase!
What went through your mind when you read the ticket that said you won the bike?
At first I didn’t believe it, I read it but I didn’t really process it and I didn’t know what to think.  I wasn’t really sure what to say at first I was so surprised.
When you started racing the TWMX series, did you ever think you would win one of the new Yamaha motorcycles? 
I had always hoped that we would win something at least, even one of the smaller prizes.  I never thought it would be something big like this though. 
Is this the first time you have ever won a major prize?
This is for sure the biggest prize I have won.  I have won some of the smaller things before, but that is all until now
How long have you been riding?
I started racing when I was about 6 years old.  My dad and my brother were always talking about it when I was growing up and I wanted to try it.  My dad was a really good racer, he could have raced pro, and I wanted to be like him.
How long have you been riding big bikes?
I had been racing 150s in the Big Wheel and Supermini classes.  I have been riding in the 250 class for about 3 months now.
Is your racing a family activity?
My sisters both live out of state, but if they are here they want to be riding and racing.  My brother races every chance he gets, so it a something our whole family does
Other than winning a new YZ250F, what do you like about the TWMX Race Series?
The fact they are so organized and really stay on top of things.  They don’t get the classes mixed up and keep everything running.   I have raced other series where they have gotten the classes all mixed up and not been very smooth.
Are you planning on racing TWMX Fall Cup races?
It is a possiblity.  I’ve been working with my trainer and I have been working very hard to improve my riding.  We didn’t race a couple rounds from this series because I was focusing on improving my riding and being more competitive.  I have gone from barely making the top 10 to being able to be in the top 3.  So it all depends on how I am riding.
What type of training do you do with your trainer?
We don’t do any working out or physical training, we just meet at the track and he works with me on learning to ride section to section on the track and on my skills
What other things do you do besides racing motocross?
I don’t have very many other things that I do, the one other sport that I do is I play baseball.