This is to address an issue that exists in its worst form amongst peewee riders and racers. There is a very serious matter that threatens the existence of TWMXRS, tracks and all races held for that matter. Insurance and liability is a reality of our sport and if not managed properly then the sport will suffer severe setbacks.

The rule per our insurance carrier is that no spectators may be on the track at any time during TWMXRS events. It's the same as youth baseball, soccer and basketball where there is a live field of play on which there are nobody but the players and referee's allowed for the safety of the other players on that field.

It is unfortunate that this rule has not been respected and we have to take these added measures to protect the sport and our racers. As of Round #2 of the TWMXRS to be held at Milestone MX on January 28th anyone spectating on the track will create a penalty for their rider. That rider will be disqualified and not allowed to race any further that day. In the case of a rider going down one parent may be escorted onto the track by safety officials. There will be no refunds for breaking this rule.

We understand that many of the racers in these classes are new to the sport. Profanity, threats, physical altercations and total disregard to officials will not be tolerated. This is family environment and proper behavior is appreciated. There are many factors in hosting a race and each track is responsible for their flaggers and safety staff. If tracks cannot meet the required standards then we will not race there any longer.

We appreciate those of you who help follow this rule. Please see the map which shows all spectator areas at Milestone MX in yellow. There should be no confusion going forward regarding this rule. We are excited to announce as well that Milestone now has added a second starting gate on the Vet Track so that will make a great improvement to the experience of our Vet Track racers and help the day go smoother.

Milestone MX has created a certification ambassador program that TWMXRS will honor during races. If you have interest in this we can tell you that it includes CPR, First Responder and Track Etiquette training that is a valuable benefit to anyone in the industry. Their first class is Jan 27th on the Saturday before the next TWMXRS round. It will be held at Milestone from 1-5pm. To get signed up email prior to Sunday Jan 21st. The course is $50 paid directly to the instructors.

For any questions about rules at TWMXRS please visit