Austin Lightcap, 16

Oak Hills, CA

Sponsors: Deft Family, Pro Circuit, Factory Backing, Dunlop, Amsoil

Austin Lightcap earned the Spy Breakaway rider award at the fourth round of the Terra Firma Series.  The first Beginner 250 moto of the day thundered off the line with Lightcap getting an early advantage over the competition.  Once out in front, Austin put his head down and slowly built up a lead over the rest of the pack which continued until the checkered flag flew and he collected the win to start off his day.  His performance in that moto laid claim to the Breakaway Rider award and a pair of Spy goggles and prizes.


Your first moto was the race that you were the Breakaway Rider for the round, can you tell us about the race?

I was trying to time the gate so that I could get off to a good start, which I was able to do.  I was hoping I wouldn’t get cut off on the holeshot or picked off by one of the other riders but I was able to stay out in front.  After that I just kept pressing out laps trying to break away like I did.  Toward the end I was just trying to be smart and not wreck and it all worked out perfect and I was able to win it.

During the moto were you able to see the lead you had on the other riders?

In a couple of the corners I was able to see when I got through the turn and they were barely even coming in to the corner when I was exiting so I knew I had a pretty good lead at that point.

How was your second moto?

It was decent, I was trying to time the gate again but I got caught in the gate so I had to pull my bike back out of the gate before I was able to take off.  I think I was second to last once I finally got going but I was able to make it up to 4th in the end so I was able to make up some ground.

How do you like the Transworld Terra Firma Series?

These are pretty much the only series I have really raced, I love the way they work and they are planned out.  They seem to really give back to the riders with awards.

When did you start racing motocross?

I’ve been racing on and off for two or three years, I’m just recently trying to focus on motocross and get more serious on it rather than other things.

How did you get started riding motocross?

I’ve been off and on for a while, I used to ride quads out in the desert and then I moved on to dirt bikes.  After that, I decided that after watching motocross all of my life that I’d really like to try it.  My first race was at Competitive Edge about 2 or 3 years ago.  It was definitely a race to remember, in the first moto I was involved in a big pile up, but still was an overall fun day.  After that I was just hooked on it.


What was it about motocross that got you hooked after riding quads and in the desert?

I just grew up watching motocross, watching Nitro Circus and anything like that, so I just decided I wanted to follow that and give it a try.  I watched James Stewart for years, he was definitely my role model when I was younger, actually still is to this day, I used to watch his TV show Bubba’s World and watched him race for years.  After all of that I was just hooked and had to do it.

You said you’re just getting back to racing, what were you doing in your off time?

I was just trying to focus on school, I had to get some things in school straightened up and now I have that done, so now I am able to go to the track every weekend.  Coming off of summer I was able to go to the track quite a bit so now I’m just looking forward to the future and keep racing.

What is it about motocross that draws you in and keeps you coming back?

Probably just the fact that I am out there in the dirt on two wheels, I’m able to have fun and push through the hard times and get an adreanline rush.

Do you have any other hobbies besides motocross?

I like to hunt and fish a lot, I like doing things outdoors like hiking, and that’s some of the things I do in my off time.