Brian Begin, 19

San Dimas, CA

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Brian Begin grabbed the Spy Breakaway Rider award in the 450 Intermediate class at the opening round of the Fall Classic Series at Milestone MX Park.  Begin got off the start and onto the track in 5th place.  With the Intermediate classes being some of the toughest riders to pass, he had a challenge ahead of him.  He managed to work his way into the lead by the 4th lap and held off challenges for the lead in the closing lap to take the moto win.  His charge through the lead pack and fight for the win earned him the Breakaway Rider award.


The first 450 Intermediate moto was a tough win for you, can you tell us about that race?

I got an ok start that first moto, I was in the top 5 but got shuffled back in the first corners.  I just kind of rode my own race, I looked ahead and kept the leaders in sight and moving forward.  A couple had their mishaps or I was able to pass them and I eventually got into the lead and just cruised the last couple laps and made sure I wasn’t going to go down or make a mistake.

Some of the other riders were working hard behind you to try to take the lead, could you feel them putting pressure on in the closing laps?

It didn’t get to me, it just made me hit my marks and make sure I didn’t leave the door open anywhere so they could pass.  That’s the biggest thing at Milestone today, there isn’t very good passing, it is a bit one lined and it is all about the start.  If anyone had any kind of mishap you were able to get them but it was a lot of how you start is how you finish.

How did the rest of your day go?

The rest of the day went great!  I ended up getting a moto win in the 450 class and another moto win in the 250 class and ended up staying in the top 4 every moto, so that’s great.  I ended up getting both the overall wins in the 250 and 450 B classes.

Is this your first race with the Transworld Race Series?

I’ve raced the Transworld races in prior years, but I was in the C class, so it was pretty nice to bring home the ‘W’ in those classes today.

How long have you been in the Intermediate class?

This was the first race ever, it was the debut in the class.

Did you race Loretta Lynn’s this year?

I did Loretta’s in 450C and 250C Stock classes.

How did you do in those classes?

I got 6th overall in 250C Stock and 10th overall in 450C with one moto win in each class.  I had a little mishap with my finger the night before the races when I was loading up and it was all swollen the rest of the week.  I was able to power through it and start off with a moto win and end the week with a moto win.


What has been your biggest accomplishment in motocross so far?

These Intermediate wins are up there, but for me it was going to Loretta’s, it was always a childhood dream and to be able to get a moto win was a great accomplishment.  All of the training and the prep you’ve done for it, driving all the way there from Southern California and it all pays off to get the moto win, and to be able to back it up with another moto win I couldn’t have been happier.  Even though I didn’t win a championship it was an awesome experience.

What do you do for your training?

Right now my training program has kind of died out, but before Loretta’s I had been riding at least twice per week with Sean Hamblin.  He’s been there and done all that and has a lot of knowledge and was able to help me understand how to ride my dirtbike.  I had been riding my whole life, but up until the last six months, I never really understood how it was working or how to make it move like I should.  He has helped me understand all of that.

What is your goal in motocross?

My future goals are to definitely move to the professional level.  I’m not the guy that is going out there like a die-hard and just going for it, but I would like to make it to the professional level and line up at a local supercross or a national.  That’s always been a childhood dream of mine, I’ve looked up to the pro racers and everyone who’s ever been on the starting gate.

What do you do outside of motocross?

I do a little of everything.  I snowboard, wakeboard, ride standup jet skis, I ride in Glamis, BMX and I like to ride my mountain bike.  I’ve never been satisfied doing just one thing, I’ve always just wanted to be well rounded.