Luis Macias, 15

Victorville, CA

Sponsors: 6D, ONeal, Chaparral Motorsports, Varner Racing, Pro Circuit, JT Sprockets, Gaerne, Asterisk, Mike Craig

Luis Macias grabbed our attention for the Spy Breakaway rider in his first moto of the 250F Novice class as he worked his way through the top 5 to cross the finish line in 2nd place on his 125.  Fighting hard against the 250F motorcycles on a long hilly track like Competitive Edge is no easy task.  As we watched the second moto, Macias came around the track on his Supermini, again several riders back.  He once again worked his way to 2nd at the checkers, taking home the overall win in the class.  Macias showed the true spirit of the Breakaway rider award for the way he fought through the pack and pushed hard throughout the entire race during both motos.


You raced the first moto of the 250F Novice class on a 125 and the second on a supermini?

I rode the 125 for one race, but the suspension just wasn’t fully there, so we decided to race the supermini in the second moto.  I’m used to racing the supermini in the Novice class because I raced it at REM at Glen Helen, so it isn’t new to me, I got a little glimpse of how it would happen.

How hard was the long uphill start here at Competitive Edge against the 250F bikes?

It was very hard, I don’t have the same drive going up the hill and I was popping wheelies a lot, so it was hard.  I just wanted to work my way up there though and maybe get a win or even top three and just bring out the best in me.

You got our attention in the first moto, you battled hard right up until the checkered flag.  Is that one of your strongest weapons when racing that class?

I try to conserve my energy a little bit, not push it too hard until about half way through the race.  I do my best though to stay up there and just try to pull away and get those guys.

How did the second moto go for you?

It was pretty good, the start wasn’t good, but I made my way up.  The track was really rough so it was hard to make passes and the corners were blown out, so I had to make some risky moves to get up through there.  I made my way up to second and tried to catch the leader but I just got tired and I had so many blisters on my hands and I couldn’t hold on, but I did my best.


How did you get your start riding and racing motocross?

I actually used to play gold when I was little, but then my dad had a dirtbike and he took me for a ride and I loved it.  He finally gave me a Cobra 50 for Christmas, so it just went on from there.  I wanted to someday be the next big thing for the future.

What was it about motocross that made you want to switch from golf?

It was just the excitement and adrenaline of motocross!  I just loved it and it was fun.  There are some ups and downs though, like getting hurt, then winning and stuff like that.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in racing so far?

I actually got to do some races for Factory TM Racing, that was awesome and was a great opportunity.  Hopefully I can ride for them again one day.  I would just like to get a ride though, I’d take anything now.

What other hobbies do you have outside of motocross?

Just school or messing around on a bike or with friends.  I like to do some go karting and other things, but nothing really big.