Spy Breakaway Rider: Manuel Dumais

Fall Classic Round 3


By Chase Curtis

Manuel Dumais, 8

Corona, CA

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Manuel Dumais captured our attention for the "Spy Breakaway Rider" in his first race of the day when he went down in the first corner, got back up, and darted toward the front of the pack with his head down and bike pinned all the way back up into the third position. A dead last start and crash always makes for a rough race on a rider, especially on a sandy track like Lacr, where momentum is key. It’s easy as a racer to get discouraged and give up after a crash and that is even more accurate for an 8 year old, but Manuel proved he had the speed, skill, and a champions mindset when he charged to the front and obtained a third place finish. Manuel continued to impress aboard his Cobra 50cc as he battled for the lead in the rest of his six motos even against 65cc racers. The young racer swept the Pee Wee Open class and took home the overall. Manuel showed a true champions mindset and an implacable will to win, which earned him the "Spy Breakaway Rider" award.

How did you get into riding dirt bikes and when did you start riding?

I started riding when I was two and a half and started racing when I was four. My brother used to race so we would ride together all the time.

You have raced the whole "Twmx Fall Classic" series so far, what has been your favorite track?

My favorite track has been Milestone because of the jumps and turns.  I live close to Milestone and get to ride there often.

What was going through your mind while you were charging through the pack after a crash in your first moto?

I was really excited and wanted to win. After my crash I got up and didn’t let off in the corners and kept moving up and passing people.


What upcoming races do you plan on attending this season?

I am going to finish racing the Fall Classic series and I am racing the Mini Major this coming weekend. After that, I want to race the amateur nationals and go to Lorreta Lynn’s in 2018.

What rider do you look up to?

I like Ronnie Mac, I got to see him and watch him ride at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and it was awesome. I jumped like him over the finish line today.

What are you going to do to try and continue to win races?

I am going to not crash and if I do I will go fast to pass other racers. I hope I can keep winning races.

What do you like to do besides ride dirt bikes?

Besides riding dirt bikes I like to fish. I used to live in the bay area and would go fish with my family there. I catch the fish and my brother eats them.

How many siblings do you have?

I have my brother and my baby sister. My brother and I always do stuff together and are good friends. Sometimes we argue but I love them.