Tyler Nicholson, 13

Highland, CA

Sponsors: Alias, Asterisk, Spy, FMF, ProTaper, Dedicated Ride Co., Factory Connection

Tyler Nicholson earned the Spy Breakaway Rider award at the final round of the Terra Firma series.  Tyler battled hard every lap in the first motos of the Open 85/150F Supermini and the 12-13 85/150F classes.  Right from the start of the day in the Open class, Tyler had a strong race battling with Robby Schott.  Schott had an early advantage and the two were side by side for the opening lap, but Nicholson got past him and had to keep it pinned throughout the closing laps to keep Schott behind him at the checkers.   His first moto of the 12-13 85/150F class was another great example of charging hard, only he was able to take the lead right from the start and hold it until the finish line.  Tyler got our attention from the his strong moto performances and never giving up and racing until he crossed the line to receive the Spy Breakaway Rider award.


Can you tell us a little about the first motos of your two classes today that earned you the Breakaway Rider award?

I got pretty good starts in both of them.  I kind of got pushed back in the first one but I came back and I battled pretty good with Robby.  It was a fun moto, he put up a good charge.  I was able to get around him and tried to pull away and was able to keep it.

What gave you that drive to win while you were racing?

This is my first race back from a broken arm and I just really wanted to win.  I haven’t raced since before I broke it so I just wanted to start back with a win.

How long were you out of racing with the injury?

I was out for about two months.

How long have you been riding since you healed up?

I’ve been riding about a month now.

Now that you have some motos under your belt, do you feel like you’re back to where you’d like to be?

Yes, I feel like I am getting close but I need to work still to get there.

Were you planning on going to Loretta Lynn’s this year prior to the injury?

I was trying to qualify, I had qualified for Mammoth and everything,  and then I broke my arm after that.


How did you get started racing motocross?

My dad took me to Milestone one day and we saw a KTM 50 for sale and my dad bought it for me.  We started racing not long after that.

What makes you choose motocross with all the other sports out there?

I like the feeling of winning, going fast and everything about it.

What is your goal in motocross?

I want to try to become a professional and be #1 someday.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in racing so far?

My biggest accomplishment has probably been last year when I won the Dodge National.  I’ve also got an 8th in the 85cc 9-11 class at Loretta’s.

What other things do you do besides motocross?

I like to ride my scooter, my BMX bike, skateboards, just everything.

Your dad was getting your gate all ready for you prior to your race, is motocross a family activity?

Yes, our whole family rides, but I am the only one that races though.  My dad rides trails and enduro type stuff.