Trans Am by MTA Distributing Feb 10-12!


The Trans Am presented by MTA Distributing will be at the World Famous Glen Helen Raceway Feb 10-12! Pre registration is open at Race coverage in Transworld Motocross Magazine, massive trophies, longer motos, vendor area, Yamaha support from Thousand Oaks Powersports, track design by Mike Sleeter and a forum to educate and support racers! It’s on next weekend don’t miss it! By pre registering you save $5 per class so don’t miss out.  Full schedule and details by the end of this week.

Class List:

25+ Novice/C

25+ Intermediate/B

30+ Novice/C

30+ Intermediate/B

30+ Pro/A

40+ Novice/C

40+ Intermediate/B

40+ Expert/A

50+ Novice/C

50+ Expert/B/A

Women Open

51cc 4-6 yrs (10″ or 12″ wheel, limit 51cc)

51cc 4-6 yrs Open (10″ or 12″ wheel, 51cc-62cc)

51cc 7-8 yrs (10″ or 12″ wheel, limit 51cc)

51cc 7-8 yrs Open (10″ or 12″ wheel, 51cc-62cc)

65cc Novice/Beg (7-11 yrs, full track with hills)

65cc (7-9 yrs)

65cc (10-11 yrs)

65cc Open (2nd class for all 65cc classes)

85/150F Nov/Beg (Full track with hills) Big Wheels allowed

85/150F (9-11yrs) No Big Wheels

85/150F Mini Sr (12-14 yrs) No Big Wheels

85/150F Open (9-15yrs) No Big Wheels

Supermini 1 (12-15 yrs)

Supermini 2 (12-15 yrs)

125 2-Stroke Open (no Pro’s))

2-Stroke Open (125cc, 250cc, no Pro’s)

125-450F Sportsman Novice (entry level Novice/C racers)

250F Novice/C (No 250 2-Strokes)

450F Novice/C (No 250F allowed)

125-450F Open Novice/C & Sportsman Novice

250F Intermediate/B (No 250 2-Strokes)

450F Intermediate/B (No 250F allowed)

Open Non Pro (125-450F)

School Boy (125/250F thru 17 yrs) No 250 2-Strokes

250F Pro/A (Both motos will run Saturday)

450F Pro/A (Both motos will run Saturday)