Transworld Motocross Race Series Profile: Parker Mashburn

Parker Mashburn, 13
Stephenville, TX
Sponsors: Mom & Dad, BJ and Kelly Burns, DC Shoes, Troy Lee Designs, Sidi Boots, Orange Brigade, DT1Filters, Renthal Bars
Parker Mashburn has been a very successful mini and 85cc racer, but when he came out to race the Trans Am Amateur National, he was racing on a 125.  Making the jump to the bigger bike, it appears Mashburn is very comfortable with the change and was riding strong.   We stopped by to see how Parker’s weekend was going and how he has done this year in the amateur nationals so far.
How is your weekend out here at the Trans Am Amateur National?
It has gone pretty good, this is my first race out here in California, and so far it has gone good.  I’ve got 2nd overall in the 125 race, but I won’t be able to race my next one because I got a flat tire. 
Is this your first race on the 125?
Yes, I just recently moved up, I am still racing my supermini but I ride the 125 most of the time in practice now. 
Was it a difficult adjustment getting used to the bigger bike?
I love it so much, everything is usually so hard on my supermini, it is easier on the 125 now.  It handles so much better through the bumps and everything and it is easier on your body for sure.
How have the amateur nationals been for you so far this year?
Oak Hill was really good, I got two 2nds and a 5th in Schoolboy, so I was happy with that.  Freestone didn’t go as well, I did not do good in my first two motos, I think I got an 8th and a 5th, but I crashed in both of them.. All of the second motos were in the mud, and my bike got kind of messed up so I wasn’t even able to race my last moto.  We ended up packing up and heading home.
What direction are you going for Loretta Lynn’s?  Are you going to try out the 125 or stay just on the supermini and 85?
I am just going to qualify on supermini right now, Orange Brigade doesn’t want me to race the 125 there yet since I am so young.
What has been your biggest accomplishment in racing so far?
I got a second in Loretta Lynn’s one time, that was probably my biggest one.  That’s gotten me a long way in racing, got me most of my sponsors and helped me out so much.
You have this year planned out, do you know what you will be racing next year?
I will probably just stay on the 125 and just keep fighting away on those and see where it goes from there.
What other hobbies do you have besides motocross?
I like to snowboard and wakeboard.  I also play football occasionally or sometimes just hang out at the house.
How did you get your start in racing motocross?
My dad got me started, he used to race so he got me and my brother a PW50 and we just started from there.  I think I was 2 years old at that point.
Are you home schooled or do you go to public school?
I am home schooled, but occasionally my mom likes me to go to public school for part of my education.
How often do you get to ride since you are home schooled?
I ride 3 or 4 days each week.
How did you like the Trans Am National race?
It’s amazing, I didn’t realize how cool it was going to be.  I am surprised how good the track is and how good they are keeping it all day.