Austin Burke, 23

Las Vegas, NV

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Austin Burke made the trek to Glen Helen from Las Vegas for the last two rounds of the Terra Firma Series.  Burke has been to previous series races as well and competes in the very competitive 250 and 450 Intermediate classes.  At the Glen Helen round, he claimed a moto win and second overall in the 250 Intermediate class and went 6-5 for 6th overall in the 450 Intermediate class.


What brings you out from Las Vegas to the Terra Firma race?

I like riding in California much better than in Nevada, plus I also train with Casey Johnson, so I come down here as much as I can such as between school or whenever I have the time.  I am trying to do more local type races this year than I did last year also.

What is your goal in motocross?  You mentioned you are going to school, is it something you want to do as a hobby or more serious?

I’d like to be able to race outdoors and supercross if I could get up to that speed, so that would be my overall goal in racing.  I do still go to school so that makes it very hard.

What are you going to school for?

Right now I am attending UNLV  for construction management and business management and I am looking to get my bachelor’s degree in those two.

How did you get started racing?

When I was about 13 I moved into a different house and all of the kids had dirtbikes, so a couple years later I had a dirtbike also and went to my first race and just kept going from there.  I just loved it from the beginning.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in motocross so far?

My biggest accomplishment would have to be going to Loretta’s in 2014.  It was something I’d always wanted to do since I first heard of Loretta Lynn’s, so I’d say that was the biggest so far.

What do you like about the Transworld Race Series that keeps you coming back?

I like them because there is always good competition and always good tracks. It is always very well organized and it helps you prepare for the bigger races like the amateur nationals.


Is there much motocross racing in Las Vegas anymore or is it mostly gone?

There isn’t too much, desert racing is still pretty big out there, but I don’t even know much about the motocross races they have anymore.  They aren’t the best races so I don’t keep track.

You mentioned that you train with Casey Johnson, what kind of a program are you doing with him?

He trains me mostly on the bike.  I train with him two days each week.  We will do anything from long motos, to sprints and work on technique.  We will also do timed sections.  He is with me at the track for all of that, but he also gives me a program to do on my own.

What is the training you do off the bike?

I am in the gym once a week and cycling four days per week.

What other activities do you have besides moto?

I like to hang out with my buddies, I like to swim, go to the beach and also I like to go shooting.  That is probably my biggest thing outside of motocross, I really like to shoot and if I didn’t race I would probably do competitive shooting.