Austin Wagner, 17

Beaumont, CA

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Austin Wagner recently moved out to Southern California from California to pursue his motocross racing.  Racing in the strong 250 Intermediate class at Milestone MX, Wagner opened the day with a moto win.  In the second moto later in the day, he had some tough luck on the opening lap and ended up racing without a rear brake after a badly bent lever.  With the tough track conditions late in the day, Austin still rode strong and finished the moto.  We caught up with Austin after he finished off that second moto to see what brings him out to California and the Transworld Race Series.


What brings you out to the Fall Classic race today?

I actually got a call at the last minute from my friend Ryan Honstein to come out and race, it was just kind of a last second thing to come out and give it a try.

What do you think of the Transworld Series after your first race?

It was a lot of fun, the first moto I felt a lot better than the second one for sure, but it was also because of the wind and I need more seat time out here as well.

What brought you from Colorado out here to Southern California?

The whole motocross industry is out here, there are more riders and a faster pace and everything.  Colorado just doesn’t have that.

What is your goal in motocross?

My dream is to be able to make something happen out of it, make somewhat of a living at it one day, but for now I’m just having fun with it and taking it day by day.

Have you raced Loretta Lynn’s?

I haven’t yet, I’ve always had some mistakes or bad luck and I haven’t made through regionals.

Have you raced any of the other amateur nationals?

I’ve done some of the Mesquite Thanksgiving races and the championship ones in Colorado.  I’ve won a bunch of area qualifiers for Loretta’s but always ended up having bad luck in the regionals.


What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far in motocross?

Honestly it would probably be some local championships in Colorado and I got a title at one of the Mesquite Thanksgiving races.  It’s been good so far, I can’t complain too much.

You moved out here to focus on motocross, how often do you get to ride now that you are out here?

I try to at least ride two to three days during the week and then also on the weekends since a lot of the faster riders are out there.  You also get to see some of the seeded riders here as well so it is good practice.

What kind of training program do you have for your racing?

Lately I’ve just been working on my cardio, but I also do some strength training here and there, running, bicycling and then I have some weights and stuff at my house to work with.

What other things do you do outside of motocross?

I’ve been working on my mountain bike lately, trying to get that fixed, it’s always seems to be broken, I like to longboard and play guitar a lot as well.

You mentioned your dad is one of your main supporters, what does he do for you?

Definitely financially right now, but really he’s just been there for me through all of the ups and downs.  About a year and a half ago, my mom passed away at one of my regionals, and ever since then we’ve just had a really close father-son bond.  He’s always been there for me.

Is he your mechanic as well?

He tries to be sometimes!