Cameron Scheller, 16

Pittsburgh, PA

Sponsors: Temecula Motorsports, 100%, Alias, Sidi

Cameron Scheller brought his YZ125 out to Glen Helen for the fifth round of the Terra Firma series.  There were 17 racers in the 125cc Open class and Scheller took his Yamaha to the front of the pack right from the start in the first moto.  He was able to take home the overall win for the day with a pair of very dominant moto wins.  Even on the steep hills of the Glen Helen track, Scheller stayed on top of the power of the little 2-stroke and finding all of the fast lines as the track got rougher throughout the day.  Being a relative newcomer to the Transworld Series, we stopped to learn more about Cameron.


What brings you out to the Transworld Race Series today?

I recently moved out here from Pittsburgh and this is one of the big local races so here I am!

What brought you out here from Pittsburgh?  Did you come out for the racing?

No, my dad works for American Airlines and he was moved out here for his job.

How did you get started racing motocross?

I had a good friend in elementary school named Brock Papi that got me into it.  He was always riding when I was around so I eventually asked my dad for a dirtbike and he got me a KTM 50.

How long have you been out here in California?

I’ve only been out here for about two months now.

How does the racing here compare to Pennsylvania?

There is a lot more people at the races, it is a lot cheaper and it is a lot more fun.

With all the other sports to choose from, why do you pick motocross?

I just always felt that it was interesting and I was also always kind of a rebel.  I always wanted to go fast and I guess that what brings me here today.


How did you races go in the 125cc Open class go today?

The first moto I got the holeshot and I just ended up checking out and winning.  The second moto I didn’t get as good of a start, I was probably around 6th or 7th, but I was able to get to the front and win that one also.

What is your biggest or favorite overall accomplishment in motocross?

I’d say it would be making it to Loretta Lynn’s for three years.

What classes did you race at Loretta’s?

I’ve raced there in the 65cc 10-11, Supermini 2, 125 B/C and Schoolboy 2 classes.

You’ve been working with Sean Lipanovich at SLMX Riding School, how is that going?

It’s been really fun, I like how he rides with you and pushes you to help you improve.  I really think that helps me out a lot.

What kind of training do you do off of the bike?

I used to train with Nario Izzi, but now I’ve been trying to get into Grindstone to work out in their facility.

What other hobbies or activities do you have outside of motocross?

I like to go out to skate parks, I like to ride my scooter, fish, cliff diving and all that type of stuff.  Just have fun.