Carson Carr, 18

Escondido, CA

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Carson Carr came out to the fourth round of the Terra Firma series and competed in the 250 and 450 Intermediate classes.  Right from the beginning of the day he put in an impressive run in the 250 Intermediate class as he battled the entire first moto for the lead, pushing hard to get into first place, but at the checkered flag he crossed the line in the runner up position.  This first moto performance had us watching him throughout the day as he claimed the overall win in the 250 Intermediate class with a 2-1 performance.  In the 450 Intermediate class he claimed third overall with a 3-3 moto finishes.


What brings you out to the Transworld Terra Firma round today?

Just trying to get some gate drops in to work on getting better starts and get some racing time.

How did your day go today?  You started out with a good battle with Matt Bynum in the 250 Intermediate class, how did the rest of the day go?

First moto was alright, I tried to pressure for the lead but I just couldn’t make the move stick.  In the second moto I started off in third, and this track was hard to pass on so I just put my head down and worked my way to first to take the win.  In the 450 class, I had a terrible start in the first moto, got around a few people and ended up in third.  In the second moto I had a similar start, I was in second for a while but I got a little arm pump, the track was a little slick and I ended up getting passed and crossed the line in third for third overall.

Did you go to Loretta Lynn’s this year?

I did, I got 16th overall in 450B class, it wasn’t what it should have been, but that’s what it ended up.

Did you race a second class there?

I also raced the College Boy class too, that didn’t go as well.  I got carted off in one race and had a couple crashes so it didn’t go very good.

How was it racing in the muddy conditions there this year compared to our dry California tracks?

It was really different, it is a very different kind of mud than we have out here.  It was a cool learning experience though and was something different.

Was that the first time you raced Loretta’s?

It was my second time, the first time I went I got I think 19th overall with 28-27-5 moto finishes.

How did you get started racing motocross?

I used to borrow my dad’s friends 50 and go ride around.  Then on my 10th birthday, my dad got me a dirt bike and it pretty much started from there.

Did you start racing right away when you got your motorcycle?

I think I was 11 when I started racing, so after I got my first dirt bike I rode for about a year just for fun and then started racing.


What was it about motocross that made you want to do that instead of other sports?

I used to race go karts starting when I was 3.  When I got my dirt bike for my 10th birthday, go karts just didn’t seem as much fun anymore, even though I was probably better at it than motocross, but I like doing this better.

What is your overall goal in motocross?

I would like to make it into the pro ranks and do good for myself and make a name for myself.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in motocross?

That would probably be winning the 125 championship at the Dodge National in 2014.  That was probably the best moment so far.

How often do you ride during the week to prepare for racing?

I ride three or four times each week and then I go to the gym just as many times and also will ride my road bike.

Is that your primary form of training, the gym and road bike?

Yeah, that is pretty much it.  I’d go run but I have a messed up knee and ankle so that doesn’t work very well.

Do you have a plan on when you want to move to the pro class?

Hopefully after the Vurb Classis I will move to the A class.  I’d like to race around here locally and then next year I will do the arenacross races for the Road to Supercross.

What other activities do you have outside of motocross?

I like to go ride BMX every once in a while, I like to go out to my river house and go fishing and just hang out and do whatever comes along.