Round 3: LACR


By Chase Curtis

Chase Felong, 17

Oceanside, CA

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The former Geico Honda amatuer racer, Chase Felong is now doing things on his own. Chase has been training with Christian Craig’s father Mike Craig and surrounding himself with the right people in order to be successful in this sport. Mike Craig has allowed Chase to enjoy training and riding as well as advance his riding ability and continue learning. The Oceanside resident is now competing in the pro class and is one to watch aboard his Yamaha YZ250F.
You had a bad get off during the last TWMXRS race at Comp Edge, what happened?

I was in the lead in the 250 pro class and then during the last lap my footpeg got caught and I went off the side of a jump which resulted in me doing a superman and hurting my shoulder a little bit.

What made you come out here today since the crash was only a few weeks ago?

After the crash I took a week off from riding so I wanted to come out to LACR since I haven’t been out here in 7-8 years and thought it would be a fun time.


You are training with Mike Craig, what does his program bring to the table?

The things Mike teaches me such things as standing up on the bike and that really helps when you get to the pro level and the tracks are rougher. He also brings a fun aspect to training because he acts like a kid himself and teaches in a way where you get the point but he also makes you laugh and have fun. It’s very enjoyable training with Mike.

Now that you've turned pro, has Mike Craig started preparing you for the big show?

Yes, he’s been telling me I have to be more intense and aggressive because the pro ranks are a night and day difference compared to the amateur ranks. He has brought his son Christian into racing so he knows what has to be done to be a pro and he is trying to replicate that for me.


How is it being around Christian Craig and his Family?

Christian is such a cool guy along with his son Jagger and wife Paige. Jagger is such a cool little dude that loves to hang out and smile. Christian is so nice and humble, he is always making time for others and he's just a great guy to be around.

What do you plan on doing with motocross?

I plan on taking it all the way and going pro, racing motocross is what I want to do for a career and it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I have always dreamt about racing professionally.

You were essentially on a GEICO Honda two years ago and now you are on a Yamaha, was the transition from those bikes to the faster Yamahas hard?

Like any bike it took a couple rides to get used to but after that I got really comfortable on it because I had ridden a Yamaha YZ125 and felt a similarity between them. It wasn’t that hard of a transition, It was actually nice because the Yamahas have so much more power. It was a new change and I needed that.


How is it living out in Oceanside?

It’s pretty good, Pala is the closest track being thirty minutes away and after you ride or train, you get to go down to the beach and surf, so it’s pretty awesome.

What are your plans for racing the rest of the year?

The plan is to race some more TWMXRS races for gate time and to have some fun. Then to race In A class at most of the amateur nationals and start fresh in 2017 with the Texas Spring nationals, Cal classic, Mammoth and Loretta’s, Hopefully along with the last few pro nationals.

Have you raced any Arenacross races or is that in the future?

I haven’t raced any Arenacross races yet because I'm a little scared of the intensity but I’m going to be racing some and attempt to get my points so I can go race supercross in 2018.