Cody Whitsett, 18

Long Beach, CA

Sponsors: Enzo Racing, Rocket Exhaust, Dad, Uncle Buc

Cody Whitsett started racing the Transworld Racing Series earlier this year in the West Coast Open Series after a long break from racing. Racing in the 250F Novice class and the Open (Non-Pro) classes, Whitsett is quickly coming up to pace and improving his speed with each round. At the LA County Raceway round of the Fall Classic series, Cody was putting his YZ250F through a good workout in the sand and hills of the quarry based track. We caught up with him in the pits between motos to learn a little about what brings him out to the races.


How did you get started racing motocross?

I got into it through my dad, he grew up riding with his friends. One day I saw some pictures of him riding and I wanted to try it too.

Why did you pick motocross over the other sports? Was it because of your father?

We had a PW50 in the garage, and it was kind of passed around through friends. My brother and I tried it out at the same time, and I stuck with it and kept going.

What is your goal in racing? Would you like to make it to the professional level or keep it more as a hobby?

Right now I’m just trying to get faster, keep it fun and see where it takes me. I would like to be a pro, but so does everyone else also.

What do you do besides motocross?

I just graduated this year and I am going to start taking some classes at college next semester. Other than that, I just hang out with my friends and do whatever.

When you start taking classes, what would you like to major in?

I plan on majoring in business and taking classes that would help in everyday life such as personal finance, sales, etc. Basically money classes.


What did you do during the time you weren’t riding motocross?

The 4 or 5 years I wasn’t riding was completely during the time I was in high school, so other than class and homework I mostly just hung out with my friends or surfed a couple times a week, I was also into photography a little too, but that was just a phase.

What made you decide to come back and start racing again?

I had an on old, beat up 125 that we had bought for $500 before this summer. I started to ride more again and realized I missed racing, and riding around twice a month wasn’t quite cutting it for me. That’s when we got the YZ250F, and I realized that I could keep up with the local kids, and that’s when we started getting back into it. So for now I’m just trying to have fun with it and push myself to be the best I can be and see where it takes me. Also now I work the night shift full time at a car dealership washing cars!

How often do you get out to ride and race?

We try to get out two or three times a week, but it is hard because we live in Long Beach and it is a long drive to all of the tracks for us. Two times at least each week, but three times if we can.

What types of training do you do besides riding your motorcycle?

I run a couple days each week, but not too much. I am trying to get my training into gear and get more into it. I am building up to it to really get it going.

What is your favorite type of track? Long and fast tracks or more technical tracks?

This is the first time I’ve been to LACR since they re-opened it and I love it! This and tracks like Cahuilla where it is big sand berms that you can just rail and have a lot of fun.

What other hobbies do you have besides motocross?

I surf a little, I was on a surf team in high school. Other than that, I hang out with my girl friend. Not a lot of other things. Riding is basically it, takes up a lot of time but it is worth it.

How do you like racing the Transworld Series?

There is some fast kids out here and it is always fun battling with them. They have big classes at all of the races.

How do you like your YZ250F?

I love it, I like everything about it. It is the first four stroke I’ve had, I’ve been on it for five or six months now. It is fast and I haven’t had any problems with it.