TWMX Race Series Profile: Elizabeth Chateau

Elizabeth Chateau, 22

Riverside, CA

Sponsors: FMF, MB1, Motoseat, Works Connection, Alpinestars

The Transworld MX race series has always had a very wide range of racers competing at the events, and one of the groups that has grown over the years is the women’s classes. Elizabeth Chateau is one of the recent new racers to come out to race as the Fall Classic series kicked off.   Being relatively new to motocross and racing compared to many of the other racers in the pits, Elizabeth attacked the track from the drop of the gate. We caught up with her in the pits after her race and were surprised to find this was only her second race since she had started riding motocross.


How long have you been riding motocross?

I have been riding for probably about two years, but really serious about riding for about the last six months.

What got you to start riding?

I just felt like I wanted to dominate something, I’m really competitive and I don’t like to lose. I didn’t really want to do it, but when I started riding and felt like I was decent, it gave me the idea that I need to prove to the world that I am good enough and that women can dominate too. Beautiful, athletic and everything, we can do it.

With all the sports to choose to prove to the world that you can dominate, how did motocross become your choice?

I use to watch it as a little kid, but I didn’t have the finances to do it when I was younger. Now that I am an adult, I finally have the finances to do it and decided it was better late than never.

Is this your first time you’ve raced the Transworld Race Series?

Yes, this is the first time at Transworld, but it is also only my second race I’ve ever done.

What do you think of your first race with us in the Fall Classic series?

It’s great, I don’t have much to compare it to, but so far it’s been very good. I came in second today, so not my best but I got tangled up in the gate in the second race, but I caught back up so that’s all that matters.

What is your goal in motocross?

My goal is to get my pro license some day. I will be racing amateur arenacross next year to help me get ready, then hopefully the next year I can make it to the pro class. I won’t quit until I am at least a pro.

Have you tried riding arenacross yet or will it be new to you?

A little bit here and there, after the Transworld series, I will really start practicing arenacross as hard as I can to get there.

Do you do and training as you get ready for that?

No, it is just a lot of constant riding motocross right now.


What do you do during the week, are you a student, a career or what do you do?

I work three jobs, I am a full time model, I work in security and do business and accounting.

When you go on modeling jobs, do they also know you ride motocross?

Yes, they do know.

What kind of reaction do you get when they find out?

Their first question is if I have all of my limbs. I then ask them if they are going to Photoshop my scars from riding out of the photos.

What other types of hobbies or activities do you do outside of motocross?

I don’t have much time with my riding and three jobs. My main hobby is dirtbikes, I ride about 4 times per week. From six months ago when I couldn’t even kick over my own bike until now, I think I’ve progressed quite a bit. That is pretty much the only hobby I have. Other than that, the modeling gives me a reason to shave my legs and feel like a woman.

Were your family and friends surprised when you started riding?

Yes, they didn’t think I would do it, I think because it is a men’s sport, so I wanted to try to come in here and prove meself. They asked if there was going to be a lot of hospital bills now. Hopefully they are proud of me and that is all I can ask for.

Have you had many injuries from motocross?

Yes, I have broken my hip, punctured a lung and quite a few others that I can’t remember because I’ve hit my head in the mean time.

Are you going to compete in the rest of the Fall Classic Series?

Yes, I am going to do all of the rounds of the series.